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RISA Panels at the 2017 AAR Annual Meeting


Islamic Mysticism Unit and Religion in South Asia Unit

Theme: Sufism and Yoga in Early Modern India

Sunday, 9:00 AM–11:30 AM


Shaman Hatley, University of Massachusetts, Boston, Presiding


Heidi R. M. Pauwels, University of Washington: Encounters and Transformations: Yogis in the Sufi Romances (Premākhyān)

Supriya Gandhi, Yale University: Sound, Breath, and Mystical Nondualism: Reading the Omnāma

Shankar Nair, University of Virginia: Yoga for Sufis? “Muslim Yoga” in a Persian Mughal Treatise

Ayesha Irani, University of Massachusetts, Boston: Yoga for the Bengali Darveś: The Esoteric Teachings of the Jñāna Pradīpa, Lamp of Knowledge


Responding: Carl W. Ernst, University of North Carolina


Business Meeting: Andrea Marion Pinkney, McGill University, and Hamsa Stainton, McGill University, Presiding




Religion in South Asia Unit

Theme: Gendered Traditions: Intersections of Gender, Genre, and Religion in South Asian Storytelling

Sunday, 3:00 PM–4:30 PM


Rebecca Manring, Indiana University, Presiding


Margaret Mills, Ohio State U Emerita: Trickster: Global Theories, Local Traditions, Gender, and Genre

Coralynn Davis, Bucknell University: Sāmā for the Ages and Sāmā for Our Times: The Past and Future of Maithil Women’s Storytelling in the Shifting Terrain of Gender and Society

Jessica Vantine Birkenholtz, University of Illinois: The Folk Pativratā: Narrative Discourses on Hindu Womanhood in Nepal


Responding: Leela Prasad, Duke University




Hinduism Unit and Religion in South Asia Unit

Theme: Modernizing the Language of the Gods: Religious Identity, Instruction, and Innovation in Contemporary Sanskrit

Monday, 9:00 AM–11:30 AM


Shubha Pathak, American University, Presiding


Laurie Louise Patton, Middlebury College: Sanskrit as Personality Development: The Twentieth-Century Epics of Kshama Rao

Charles Preston, Millsaps College: Worshipping the Nation, Teaching the World: Imagining Audiences and Identities in Modern Sanskrit Poetry

Finnian Moore Gerety, Yale University: Amateur Hour: Innovation, Instruction, and Identity in Sanskrit Dramas of Kerala

Borayin Larios, Heidelberg University: Proud to Be Brahmin: Identity Construction and Self-Representation on Facebook


Responding: Anne Monius, Harvard University




Religion in South Asia Unit

Theme: New Directions in the Study of South Asian Religions

Monday, 1:00 PM–3:30 PM


Steven Vose, Florida International University, Presiding


Lynna Dhanani, Yale University: Hemacandra’s “Hymn to the Dispassionate One”: An Inter-textual Definition of Jain Devotion

Naseem Surhio, Harvard University: Mystical Exotericism: Situating the Call to Hadith by Muhammad Mu’in al-Sindhi, a Sufi Scholar of the Eighteenth Century

Julie Hanlon, University of Chicago: From Hilltop Ascetics to Courtly Advisers: The Development of Jain Monastic Communities and Literary Production in Ancient Tamil Nadu, South India

Yael Lazar, Duke University: Shree Siddhivinayak Dot Com: Hindu Temples’ Adoption of Digital Media


Responding: Anne Monius, Harvard University




Religion in South Asia Unit

Theme: The Other Religious Politics: Making Religion in the Service of Secularity

Monday, 4:00 PM–6:30 PM


Ananya Dasgupta, Case Western Reserve University: Secular Imaginations of a Muslim Homeland: Bengali Muslim Cultural Activists of the 1940s and Their Antecedents

Dean Accardi, Connecticut College: Kashmiriyat, Hindutva, and Secularist Visions of Religion in Kashmir

Philip Friedrich, University of Pennsylvania: Vicissitudes of the Sāsana: Linking and Delinking Religion and Politics in Sri Lanka

Jaclyn Michael, James Madison University: Visions of Religious Belonging and Secular India in Premchand’s Karbala


Responding: Brian K. Pennington, Elon University




Religion in South Asia Unit

Theme: Constructing Powerful Selves: Autobiography in South Asia

Tuesday, 9:00 AM–11:30 AM


Kristin Bloomer, Carleton College, Presiding


Alyson Prude, University of Wisconsin, Whitewater: Authority and Vulnerability: Tibetan Buddhist Women’s Oral Life Narratives

Ben Williams, Harvard University: Abhinavagupta as a Cosmopolitan Siddha: Religious Sources for Writing the Self in Medieval Kashmir

J. Barton Scott, University of Toronto: A Bourgeois Ethic for Hindu Bombay: Victorian Self-Help and the Gujarati Travelogue

Chloe Martinez, Claremont McKenna College: “An Eminent Mohammedan Moulvie”: Autobiography and Conversion in Colonial Punjab


Responding: Janet Gyatso, Harvard University

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RISA Panels at the 2017 AAR Annual Meeting



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