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The RISA Steering Committee

RISA is the Religion in South Asia Section of the American Academy of Religion.   The activities of RISA, including the annual meeting programs and the RISA-L email list, are supervised by a Steering Committee. 

Current members of the RISA Steering Committee are:

Hamsa Stainton, Co-chair
McGill University


Contact: Hamsa.Stainton @ gmail.com

Andrea Marion Pinkney, Co-chair
McGill University


Contact: andrea.pinkney @ mcgill.ca

Anne Murphy

University of British Columbia

Web: http://asia.ubc.ca/persons/anne-murphy/  

Contact: anne.murphy @ ubc.ca


Elaine Fisher

Stanford University

Web: https://www.elainemfisher.com/

Contact: elaine.fisher @ gmail.com


Steven Vose

Florida International University

Web: http://religion.fiu.edu/faculty/full-time-faculty/steven-vose/

Contact: svose @ fiu.edu

Gil Ben-Herut

University of South Florida

Web: http://religious-studies.usf.edu/faculty/gbherut/

Contact: gilb @ usf.edu


Varuni Bhatia

Azim Premji University

Contact: varuni.bhatia @ apu.edu.in

Karen Ruffle

University of Toronto

Web: http://religion.utoronto.ca/people/faculty/karen-ruffle/

Contact: karen.ruffle @ utoronto.ca


Anyone with questions or comments regarding RISA or its activities is invited to contact members of the RISA-L Steering Committee. (For questions or comments regarding the RISA-L email list, please contact members of the RISA-L Advisory Committee below.)


The RISA-L Advisory Committee

Policy (and any disciplinary) decisions pertaining to the list will be taken by this Advisory Committee, in consultation with the RISA Steering Committee. This committee currently consists of


NB The Steering Committee has determined that the RISA-L manager's term of service and rotation should be defined and formalized. It will be the responsibility of the Steering Committee to select a RISA-L manager (or co-managers) and advisory committee, who will then serve three year termss.

Anyone with questions or comments regarding the RISA-L email list is invited to contact members of the RISA-L Advisory Committee.


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