Andrew DeLuise (Kevin Mitnack and consequences) and Shawn Boland (History, Who hackers are, How to prevent hacker).

Hackers have always been around. They have been breaking codes, breaking into secuirity breaches, and gaining intelligence in computers everywhere. There are different methods to gaining information, whether it comes from e-mails or spam messaging. People have been getting tricked into releasing their information ever since the computer came out. Viruses, trojans, and worms have been created by hackers and they all have affected every computer in some way. In fact the worst worm was the Morris worm which was created by Robert Morris [3]. It was the first computer worm created and it slowed computers down so bad they would just break down. Hackers don't just mean computers either; they can hack into telephone lines or any cyberspace networks. There were very famous ones, among them is Kevin Mitnack. He was at one point the most wanted hacker in America [1]. There are many infamous hackers, but now they all have jobs doing one thing or another. Every hacker had to pay some kind of consequence, and all hackers will hopefully get caught so we have no more viruses or worms going around anymore.

Hacking has been around for more then a century.

Hackers are those who break into technology.

One of the most famous hackers was Kevin Mitnack [1]. He hacked through telephone lines and knew the strategies behind escaping the police in various ways. Ever since he hacked through a telephone line, he knew what he was doing, but did it to find out secret information about various organizations. He became one of the most wanted American hackers in history. After a long time of hacking various telephone booth telephones, he become aware that the police was after him [2]. He had various way of getting away after his trial. In fact, he was on the run from the FBI for almost two years before he was officially caught. Mitnack hacked into Tsutomu Shimomuro's line in order to gain intelligence. As he was hacking Shimomuro's landline, Mitnack was being tracked down. He was being tracked down by Shimomuro's secretary. Eventually, he was tracked down to his exact location in 1995 [2]. Mitnack was arrested and was on trial. During his trial he threatened the judge and said "I can start a nuclear war with a whistle into the phone." This made him get solitary confinement for about two months during his prison time. Since he acted out on the judge, he made his prison time worse. This can happen to anyone. Mitnack was released in 2000 on three years probation. As of right now he is working his own company. His company is called Mitnack Secuirity Counseling [1]. He helps people track down hackers that invade their information on basically any form of credit card or anything documented. Mitnack now protects people from the type of people that he once was. It is funny if one thinks about it because hackers everywhere get jobs to protect people from hackers once they are released from jail.

Anyone can prevent hackers.

Hacking can have many consequences. A caught hacker can be punished in a number of different ways, but it all depends on if that person is hacking on a global scale, national scale, or small scale. Even though these are big differences, it can still affect the hacker for the rest of their lives. Hacking is a serious offense and should be taken very seriously. Hackers can be punished with jail time easily. If they are found guilty at any charge of hacking, they easily go to jail right away. This could lead to solitary confinement, having no bail, and even physical abuse in some countries [3]. Solitary confinement consists of the prisoner sitting in a dark room, usually cemented walls, and having no light come into the room at all. These rooms affect the prisoner's sight and physical make up after a while; the dark can make a person adjust after a while. Then once a shade of light comes in, their eyes burn with all intensity. Having no bail means that the prisoner can't be released by money. They need to serve out their sentence at all costs, no matter what. Since they need to serve it out, they can acquire jobs sometimes of any sort. They make money on the side this way and can possibly be released early for good behaivor [2]. Physical abuse can very well happen almost anywhere. They can be interrogated by the government in any country. Officials always want to know how a hacker got into their systems. After being released, hackers can find many jobs. For example, Robert Morris works as a MIT professor in the Computer Science and Artificial Laboratory after his creation of the Morris Worm. This was the first internet worm that lead to computers dying because it slowed the systems down so bad. Kevin Poulson identitified about 774 sex offenders on Myspace as working as a journalist since his release of prison [3]. Others can make their own companies easily like Kevin Mitnack did. Hackers everywhere should stop being hackers and there will be no consequences.

Hackers everywhere need to get the message of having to deal with a consequence. Overall, they are really very intelligent for the most part. It requires a skill to be able to breach a secuirity firewall of a high level company. Whenever someone actually is able to get through, it means that they must have spent a lot of time in order to access the information that they acquired. It is highly dangerous for hackers to be in cyberspace, but it will always be that way. It is scary if one thinks about it; we can never escape some form of hacking because people will always be decoding encryptions.


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