Environmental Studies (M.A.) Graduate  Program


  1. This is an instruction of your work plan for your graduate study in MA Environmental Studies Program at Montclair State University. You can click here to obtain the graduate study work plan sheet.

  2. Depending on your concentration (i.e., Education, Management or Science), complete the form before you start your graduate study or graduation audit, and send it to your Graduate Advisor for review.

  3. Graduate courses offered by the Department of Earth and Environmental Studies can be found at http://csam.montclair.edu/earth/course_rotation/.   Be aware of the fact that most of graduate courses in the Department are offered once every other year.  Therefore, plan your graduate study course work carefully.  You should always try to take the core courses as early as possible.

  4. You can choose to take some graduate courses that are not specified in your concentration.  The courses can be used for Electives or substitutions of the courses defined in your concentration. However, you should contact your Graduate Advisor and get the approval before you take those courses of your interest.

  5. As a graduate student, you have to take a course, at least, at 500 level or above.

  6. As a graduate student, you are allowed to transfer 6 credits of graduate course work from either non-matriculated study or other higher education institutions to your program.


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