Vietnam War and American Culture

Schedule of Readings and Discussions -- Fall 1999

This is the schedule of readings and discussions. You must have already read the material by the date shown below. This is so that we can spend our time in fruitful, valuable discussion in class, and not be hampered by anyone who has not done the reading, and therefore cannot contribute to the discussion.

The schedule of biweekly and other written assignments is on the 'Homework Page for this course.  Go here to see it.

Week of

What We Will Do


September 7 Nike abroad; Cold War vs Anti-Imperialist paradigms
September 14 Chomsky, "Lessons..."; East Timor
September 21 Race, War Comes to Long An, selections. "Causes" handouts, part 1.
September 28 "Causes" handouts, part 2. Young, Chapters 1-2


October 5 "What Happened" handouts.
October 12 Economics of exploitation. Young, selections.
October 19 Young, selections; GI resistance.
October 26 "Atrocities and Terrorism" handouts.


November 2 Economics of exploitation and imperialism; U.S. class structure.
November 9 Franklin, M.I.A., or Mythmaking In America.
November 16 Hasford, The Short-Timers (novel); Full Metal Jacket (film based on The Short-Timers)
November 23 To Be Announced
Friday, November 26 Thanksgiving Holiday -- No class


December 2 Franklin,ed.; Vietnam War and Korean War
December 9 To Be Announced

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