on our book 1937. Pravosudie Stalin. Obzhalovaniiu Ne Podlezhit! (Moscow: EKSMO, 2010)

According to them, our book does everything but wash your windows! Strong language? Read the book and judge for yourself!
[* NOTE: They call Vladimir and me "Stalinist" for the same reason anticommunists do. If you discuss Soviet history during the Stalin period, but do not specifically accuse Stalin of any crimes, you are called a "Stalinist."
Note that this paragraph also ignores my wonderful colleague and co-author Vladimir! Shameful! Believe me, they did not ask us before composing this marketing blurb!]

The new book by the prominent American Stalinist* historian, author of the best-seller "Anti-Stalinist Villany"! Sensational research on the chief secret of Soviet history! Refutation of the most false "liberal" myths concerning the year 1937 and the "innocent victims of repression"!
  • Were the "Show Trials" of 1936-1938 fabrications, the confessions of the defendants beaten out of them through torture?
  • Why was it necessary to "wash dirty linen in public" and undermine faith in the regime by declaring former "favorites of the Party" to be enemies?
  • What was the real cause of the "Great Terror"?
  • Why did Khrushchev expose the supposed "crimes" of the Boss [Stalin - GF] secretly, at the closed session of the 20th Party Congress, not daring to set the question before the judgment of common people, in contrast to the open, public manner of Stalin's justice?

Based not on propagandistic myths and Khrushchevian lies but on genuine archival documents, this book proves convincingly that the many, widespread Opposition conspiracies of the 1930s were not dreamt up by "Stalinist executioners" but really did exist; that they struck at the highest levels of power, and threatened the USSR on the edge of national catastrophe -- and this means that the death sentences against the enemies of the people were just, and "not subject to appeal!"