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“Author’s Field Day,” NM 12 (July 3, 1934): 27-32 nm001.pdf
Mike Gold, “Proletarian Realism,” NM 6 (September 1930): 5 nm002.pdf
Gold, “Go Left, Young Writers!” NM 4 (January 1929): 3-4 nm003.pdf
Philip Rahv, "The Literary Class War," NM 8 (August 1932): 7-10 nm004.pdf
Gold, “Notes of the Month,” NM 5 (January 1930): 7 nm005.pdf
Harlan Miners materials, NM Dec. 1931 nm006.pdf
Anatoli Lunacharski, “Marxism and Art,” NM 8 (Novemebr 1932): 12. nm007.pdf
Stanley Burnshaw, "Revolutionary Poetry," NM February 1930 nm008.pdf
Edward Dahlberg, "Review of Farrell, Young Manhood of Studs Lonigan," NM February 1930 nm009.pdf
Wallace Phelps, ‘The Methods of Joyce,” NM 10 February 20, 1934): 26 nm010.pdf
Eugene Gordon, “Black and White, Unite and Fight!” NM 13 (October 23, 1934): 24-25 (rev. of Endore, Babouk) nm011.pdf
Obed Brooks, “In the Great Tradition,” NM 13 (November 27, 1934): 23 nm012.pdf
Granville Hicks, “Revolutionary Literature of 1934,” NM 14 (January 1, 1935): 38 nm013.pdf
Edwin Seaver, “Socialist Realism,” NM 17 (October 22, 1935): 23-25 nm014.pdf
Joshua Kunitz, “In Defense of a Term,” NM 28 (July 12, 1938), sect 2: 145-47 nm015.pdf
Ralph Ellison, "Recent Negro Fiction," NM August 5, 1941 ellisonrecent41.pdf
Ralph Ellison, "Stormy Weather," NM September 24, 1940 ellisonstormy40.pdf
Ralph Ellison, "Big White Fog," NM November 12, 1940 ellisonwhitefog40.pdf
Ralph Ellison, "The Great Migration", NM December 2, 1941 ellisonmigration41.pdf
"Author's Field Day. A Symposium on Marxist Criticism",   July 1934 marxistcrit0734.pdf
Obed Brooks, "In The Great Tradition", November 1934 brooksgreattrad1134.pdf
Stanley Burnshaw, "Notes on Revolutionary Poetry", February 1930 burnshawrevpoetry0230.pdf
Edward Dahlberg, review of Farrell, The Young Manhood of Studs Lonigan. February 1930 dahlbergfarrell0230.pdf
Mike Gold, "Notes of the Month", January 1930 goldnotes0130.pdf
Mike Gold, "Notes of the Month", September 1930 goldnotes0930.pdf
Granville Hicks, "Revolutionary Literature of 1934", January 1935 hicksrevlit340135.pdf
Joshua Kunitz, "In Defense of a Term", New Masses Literary Review July 12, 1938 kunitzterm0738.pdf
Anatol Lunacharsky, "Marxism and Art", November 1932 lunacharsky1132.pdf
Wallace Phelps, "The Methods of Joyce" (review) February 1930 phelpsjoyce0230.pdf
Philip Rahv, "The Literary Class War", August 1932 rahvlitclasswar0832.pdf
Edwin Seaver, "Socialist Realism", October 22, 1935 seaversocrealism1035.pdf
Charles Rumford Walker, "We Went To Harlan", December 1931 walkerharlan1231.pdf
Mike Gold, "Why I Am A Communist", NM September 1932 goldwhyiam32.pdf ; also in HTML goldwhyiam35.html
Mike Gold, "A Night in the Million-Dollar Slums", NM 1935 goldanight35.pdf
Link to Mike Gold stories later rewritten into Jews Without Money 1928-1930 goldnmjwmarts.html

Whole Text of Mike Gold's 1936 book Change The World


Additional Articles, Not From The New Masses

Mike Gold, "Towards Proletarian Art," The Liberator February 1921 goldtpa21.pdf
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