How To Produce 'Plain Text' Emails in Gmail (the mail client)

(revised 01.28.19 for the Gmail interface)

"Plain Text" looks the same on all "plaforms" -- on any email client, any word processor, anywhere. It is easy to correct and edit. That's why I want "plain text" only in your HW assignments.

There are a number of ways to get "plain text."

A. On Gmail - including your email client

1. Write your essay on your word processing program. Do your spell-check and grammar-check. Make sure it is single-spaced.

Make sure there is no formatting -- no underlining, italics, colored text, etc.

Save it as "plain text."

On your Word Processing program, make sure to hit the "Enter" key ONCE at the end of each paragraph. This puts the ^p -- "end of paragraph" -- command into your text.

Viewed in your Word Processing program, there will NOT be any blank line between paragraphs.

When you are ready to email it using Gmail

2. Open your Gmail account.

3. Click on "Compose" in the upper left-hand corner.

3. Click on the three little buttons at the lower right-hand of your compoasing window. This is the box over which the hovering cursor reads "More options."

4. Select "Plain text mode."

(You can, if you wish, choose the option "Default to full screen." I find this useful. But it's up to you.)

5. NOW copy and paste your essay into the message area of your email using the Control-V" (Copy) command.

The result will be an email in Plain Text.

B. Using a Text Editor

How To Install Editpad Lite

You can download the zip file for Editpad Lite here:

You will need Winzip to unzip it. You probably have it on your computer (Windows) already. If not, as an MSU student you can get a copy here:  

Click on the "Software" link at the Left.

You will need your NetID and password (the same as for your email). Then, click on "I agree to the above terms and conditions".

On the "Software" page, download the latest version of Winzip (version 8.1 as of 11.21.10). Install it.

Once you have Winsip installed, you will be able to install Editpad Lite by double-clicking on the .zip (dot-zip) file you have downloaded from the Editpad Lite site.

How To Use Your Text Editor

1. Format your finished text in your word processor to single-space between lines, blank line between paragraphs.

2. Copy and paste your finished text into your text editor -- Notepad, Editpad Lite, etc. Save it.

3. Now, copy and paste the text from your text editor into the message area of your email client.

The result will be "plain text" .