Horowitz-Stalin Controversy, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review March - May 2006

This exchange took place in the pages of this Pittsburgh newspaper. The paper itself had been bought by Richard Mellon Scaife, infamous billionaire scion of the Mellon fortune who has been one of the major funding sources for all the lying "neoconservative" intellectuals. (See Karen Rothmyer's series "Citizen Scaife" from the Columbia Journalism Review in 1981).

There's no pretense at objectivity in any of this. Scaife funds both the Tribune-Review and Horowitz himself. In addition the editor, Bill Steigerwald, who gives Horowitz the soft-ball interview here, writes for Horowitz's Frontpagemag.com. None of this is acknowledged anywhere in the paper, so the readers will never know it. At the Tribune-Review, journalistic integrity is discarded for Scaife's big bucks.

I don't know how long these links will work, so you can get the whole series in one PDF file here.

Horowitz inteview, "Invasion of the Mind-Snatchers." March 18


Furr, Reply to Horowitz. "Re-educating Comrade Horowitz." March 21


Vardy, "Professor, Meet Killer Joe." April 16 -


Furr, Reply to Vardy. "Standing By Stalin." May 1 -


Walter Slack, "Stalin's Crimes." May 12 -


Furr, Reply to Slack. "Rehabilitating Stalin." May 18 -


Vardy, Reply to Furr. "Rehabilitating Stalin II." May 18 -