My Response to Comments on article ‘’The Defamation of Grover Furr’’ Montclarion 12.13.12

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I’d like to respond briefly to some of those who posted “comments” here.

First: I strive to be objective in my research. I always ask for EVIDENCE.

When you insist on evidence, you discover , as I have, that all the stories of “Stalinist atrocities”, etc., are fabrications, falsehoods, lies – at least, all of those I have investigated so far.

A few examples:

The “Holodomor” is a falsification, an invention by pro-Nazi Ukrainian Nationalists. The notion of “deliberate famine” does not appear before 1953, when it is used by Ukrainian Nazi collaborators who fled to Canada and the USA.

There was a serious famine in 1932-33. There had been famines every 2-4 years in Russia for at least a thousand years. There was a serious famine in 1921-2, another in 1924, and another in 1928.

The famine of 1932-33 was not caused by the Soviet leadership in any way: not by collectivization, nor by the exporting of grain, and certainly not deliberately.

Collectivization of agriculture solved the perennial problem of periodic famines! After 1933 there were no more, except for one serious famine in 1946-1947, again not the fault of the Soviet government.

The Soviet collectivization of agriculture was one of the greatest triumphs of social engineering of the 20th century. If capitalists gave prizes to communists – which, of course, they do not – the benefits of collectivization would have won Stalin and the Soviet government the Nobel Prize. It unquestionably saved the lives of tens of millions of people who would have died in succeeding famines.

It also permitted the industrialization of the USSR and the defeat of the Nazis, thus saving Europe and all of us from Nazi genocide.

This very interesting (and complicated!) controversy is simply not taught! In fact, it is “taboo” among anticommunists even to mention that it exists! You can find out more about it at my “Katyn Forest Whodunnit” page – The problem is ANTI-communist propaganda!

However, the Western imperialist states – the USA, the U.K., Belgium, France, for example – were guilty of many mass murders in their colonial possessions. These mass murders are seldom discussed in history courses.

Soviet history has indeed been heavily falsified. I am constantly surprised when I investigate allegation after allegation of “crimes”, “mass murders”, etc., only to discover that all are false, that the evidence does not support them.

Perhaps it is na´ve of me to be surprised. After all, a friend of mine told me, “Why shouldn’t the anticommunists lie about communism?” That is a good point – but I am still surprised every time I do serious research on yet another so-called “crime of Stalinism” and find that it is yet another fraud.

- Grover Furr