New York City/D.C. Bombings Prove:

When Bosses Fight Bosses - Workers Die

Fight Anti-Arab Racism and War Preparations of US Imperialism!

The airplane bombings which killed thousands of US workers are the direct result of the wars that capitalists wage against each other. These bombings are not part of the international working class struggle against capitalism. While we do not yet know who carried out these bombings, we do know the bombers chose to attack workers rather than build for revolution against capitalism. These nationalist "little terrorists" don't want to eliminate the horrors of the capitalist system. They just want to grab a piece of the pie from the "big terrorists." And who are the "big terrorists?" The multi-national corporations such as Exxon-Mobil, Chase Manhattan Bank, the IMF/World Bank, and the governments who support them, especially the US government. Tremendous hatred of US capitalism exists all over the world, because the "big terrorists" have exploited, oppressed, and killed so many millions. The "little terrorists" pretend to be champions of those victims, but they are just in it for themselves. Many of these "little terrorists", like Osama Bin-Laden, used to work for the American CIA! We must not support any of them!

Today, from Asia to Russia to Argentina, the worldwide system of capitalism is in an increasing general socioeconomic crisis. As profit rates decline and more goods are produced than can be sold, competition among capitalistsover market share, cheap labor, and resources intensifies leading to war. Thus, inter-imperialist rivalry between US, Europe, Japan, Russia and China continues to sharpen. This intensifying crisis drives capitalists in each country to increase the exploitation of the workers by driving down wages and benefits as far as possible. In order to ensure their survival as capitalists, they must try to make maximum profits. And maximum profits for bosses means more misery for more workers. Fascism is the form of rule which monopoly capitalism increasingly turns to when it is in crisis. It means increasing the use of racist police terror and mass imprisonment to break the resistance of the working class.

The US bosses can cry fake "tears" for the people killed, but these bosses have killed many more workers. Since 1990, the US ruling class has waged war against Iraq. In addition to the 500,000 to 1 million killed by the US military during the Gulf war for oil, a million more have died because of the decade long US-led economic embargo against Iraq. The US ruling class has desperately been trying to maintain control over Mideast oil. US capitalists face French, Chinese and Russian rivals who have huge contracts for Iraqi and Iranian oil. For the last fifty years, the US ruling class has been able to control their competitors' economies by controlling all major oil production areas. However, today, they are losing control of Iraq, do not control Iran and Bin-Laden represents a section of the Saudi ruling class that wants to see the end of US control of all Mideast oil. For the US imperialists to continue to maintain their dominance over Mideast oil, they must go to war.

Since the Vietnam War, the US bosses have had a very hard time mobilizing popular support for US imperialist wars. But, the US bosses are already using the blowing up of the world trade center and the Pentagon as an excuse to prepare for war and impose police state measures against all workers. The US Commission on National Security in the 21st Century said: "Americans will likely die on American soil, possibly in large numbers." The bi-partisan commission recommends in 3 reports the centralization and coordination of government agencies responsible for defense. Moreover, it made recommendations on gaining popular support for a major ground war saying that defense of the "homeland" is a crucial priority.

The danger is that in our righteous anger against the little terrorists, we will lose sight of how much death is caused by the big terrorists and the capitalist system. Millions die in capitalist "ethnic wars" or from hunger and disease each year because of international capitalism: imperialism. In the US, countless thousands of lives are ruined by unemployment, racist police terror and poverty, and one hundred thousand workers die every year in the US from accidents or illnesses caused by their jobs!

Even worse, some might actively or passively side with the US bosses as they whip up hysteria against Muslim or Arab people and increase policestate fascist policies against the working class here in the US. We as workers and students must all fight against anti-Arab racism, police state measures and US patriotism which is already following the bombings. The Progressive Labor Party, a revolutionary communist party, organizes workers to oppose all forms of racism, nationalism and capitalism and build a movement to destroy all forms of capitalism once and for all. Only then can we be free from "little terrorists" and "big terrorists" and all the horrors and misery of the capitalist system.

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