Capitalism: The Real Cause of Terrorism

Progressive Labor Party has always condemned terrorism. Terrorism by nationalists and fundamentalists just copies the terrorism of the big bosses. The bloodbath caused by the blowing up of buildings with hijacked planes full of passengers is a despicable anti-working class act copying what the U.S./NATO did during the 1999 air war against the former Yugoslavia or during the 1991 Oil War against Iraq (bombing which still goes on by U.S. and British planes).

The government, and other ruling class political forces, will use the World Trade Center attack, and the atrocities against civilians which it involved, to whip up support for its imperialist policies, to push patriotism, to justify US imperialist policies (especially in the Middle East), to whip up anti-Arab and anti-foreigner racism, and to impose police state measures against all workers and students. Only hours have passed since the bombing, and already the Lois DeFleur administration and the city of Binghamton have imposed police-state-like conditions here.

It's up to us to show the truth: all this is the result of decades of the most brutal US imperialist massacres and exploitation.

Bin Laden, who some are blaming for this terrorism, was, after all, trained by the Central Intelligence Agency to wage a "holy war" against the Soviet army in Afghanistan. Islamic fundamentalism was built by the U.S. bosses and their allies in oil-rich Saudi Arabia in order to wage an anti-Soviet crusade in the 1980s, and to protect the oil profits of Exxon-Mobil and their billionaire Saudi royal family friends.

Terrorism is the weapon of the weak (those weaker than the US) and of nationalist, bourgeois forces who want to use it as a bargaining chip to negotiate with the imperialists, and who DO NOT want to organize the working class, students, and others around a class line: to build an international movement against capitalism.

Let's be PRO-active. The ruling class certainly will be.

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Come to the Worker Student Alliance (WSA) Thursday 6:30 PM UU 201 to discuss this crisis. Our deepest condolences to family and friends of those who died.