From VVAW National Co-Coordinator Dave Cline
to all on VVAWNET and VVAWINC:

I was at the World Trade Center on Monday afternoon but across the river in Jersey City when the planes hit the WTC Tuesday morning. I was also in the WTC the day before it was bombed in 1993. I guess I've been lucky twice. When I look out one of my apartment windows, where I used to see the top of the twin towers, I just see a cloud of smoke now.

In the early 90s, I was the union representative for the Port Authority cafeteria, garage and observation deck workers at WTC. At least for the observation deck people who were on top on 1 World Trade (the first one hit and the second one to collapse) I fear that any of them who were at their posts are gone.

The US government has attacked and bombed many places-Iraq, Yugoslavia, Vietnam, Sudan, Libya. Now the war has been brought here to us. As Malcolm X said, "The chickens are coming home to roost". The World Trade Center and Pentagon were clearly chosen as targets of US economic and military power.

I am angry about the attacks because of the lose of what will turn out to be thousands of regular working people's lives, and want those responsible to be hunted down and punished.

But on another level, I think the blame lies with the US government which has tried to impose Pax Americana, an imperial order based on corporate exploitation and military power. As long as the US attempts to lord it over the rest of the world, we will continue to have endless enemies.