Comunistes de Catalunya, Sept. 12, 2001

At these moments, the least important is to wonder about who were the suicidal commands and where they come from.

In these historical attacks sometimes, and there are many examples, the hands that they carry out them don't coincide mainly with the brains that conceive it, over all it's essential that these last events stay in the shades of the history. It's necessary to consider that the complexity and the manipulation of the conspiracy in these situations are highly sophisticated. The way the attacks have been developed doesn't leave any loose end.

But really there is a key question in these circumstances: Whom the monstrous attacks benefit?... to the Palestinian?.... to Iraq?... to Libya? to the Colombian guerrilla?... Not at all! These attacks don't benefit anybody that is resisting the aggressions of the North American imperialism.

On the other hand everybody knows the difficulties in which the Israeli State is as a consequence of the Palestinian resistance, and how this situation of war and of tension in the Middle East is an obstacle for the Yankee imperialism's plans to end with the Iraqi regime and to appropriate the Iraqi petroleum. Without forgetting that Iraq is breaking the blockade helped by countries like France and Russia.

It means that the attacks of September 11th benefit the USA's imperialism and also the Israeli State and, in general, all the imperialists that will be able to make the biggest atrocities and violations in the name of the sacrosanct antiterrorist flight."

Also, those attacks benefit the current fascist processes of the bourgeois democracies on behalf of the "defence of the democracy against the terrorism."

Starting from yesterday, the imperialism, superior and last stage of the capitalism, has a quite clear field to take ahead, with more effrontery, the current aggressions and to begin with others that will make the previous ones grow pale.

But let us never forget that the capitalism, although it has become very imperialistic and aggressive, has its Achilles' heel. It could attack, it could bombard, it could occupy countries, it could even use the atomic bomb, but their own system of capitalist production engenders daily and inexorably the irreconcilable class enemy that will end burying it. The capitalism cannot make it without the workers, on the contrary, to prolong its existence it is forced to take its production system and exploitation to all the corners around the world, always looking for the maximum profit.

Neither we forget that both the proletariat and the widest hard working and the most exploited masses constitute the immense majority of the world's population.

And not only that, but rather the workers can stop the production and they stopped EVERYTHING.

When the strikes proliferate and extend more and more; when the revolutionary class consciousness develops amid the fights; when the independent and revolutionary class organization grows and strengthens; when their solidarity and organization break the frontiers and sink the racist and ideological barriers... then the last battle against de capitalism have begun. This is the way to follow.

Centuries of fight, of failures and victories have taught the labour class that the workers liberation can be only the task of the workers themselves.

Since the proletariat appeared in the scene of history it has not stopped fighting against the capitalism. We are in a historical crossroad in which the capitalism is the worst and the maximum enemy of the whole suffered humanity, and it is also, the main responsible of the terrorism.

Only the proletariat, heading all the other pariahs of the earth and those who served the proletarian cause, could destroy the capitalism and begin to build the communist society without classes, without wars, without oppressions, without margination, without manual and intellectual work division... a society with free and solidary human beings.

Down the terrorist capitalism!

Onward to the communist revolution!

Proletarians of all countries, unite!


September, 12th 2001