(leaflet distributed in the Bronx, NY, September 12, 2001 by some members of Progressive Labor Party)

The recent attack on the World Trade Center hits home to all working people in New York. Workers in the United States now understand what terrorism is on a first hand basis. It is no longer something that only exists in other countries. None of our lives will ever be the same.

The question on everybody’s mind is "WHY?". Workers around the world are victims of terrorism every day. These acts of terrorism happen because of the divisions put on us by Capitalism.

Whether in Northern Ireland, the Middle East, Latin America, Africa or the U.S., religion, nationalism and racism fuel the fire to all acts of terrorism and keep the rest of us from seeing the real enemy - capitalism. We all know that the result of terrorism is the human carnage of workers all over the world.

Workers lives are terrorized on a daily basis under this system. Bombings, hunger, homelessness, police brutality, racism and sexism are all acts of terrorism. For example, more people die of hunger and starvation every year than any other form of violence.

It is also a fact that the U.S. rulers have inflicted more terror around the world than any terrorist group. For example,

Workers of different nations are not each other’s enemies and we must not allow ourselves to be pitted against each other. Instead we must unite against the rulers of every country. The only way to end terrorism around the world is to reject racism and nationalism with a communist revolution.

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