What We Should Do – A Start

Today's events -- whatever they finally turn out to be -- create the dangers and the opportunities of an emergency, one to which we must all respond.

The government, and other ruling class political forces, will use these terrorist attacks, and the atrocities against civilians that they involve, to whip up support for its imperialist policies. A big effort to push patriotism; to justify US imperialist policies, especially in the Middle East; and to whip up anti-Arab and anti-foreigner racism.

It's up to us to show the truth: all this is the result of decades of the most brutal US imperialist massacres and exploitation.

We should make it clear that we oppose terrorism, because it strengthens, rather than weakens, the forces of imperialist murder and oppression, and weakens the working class and its allies, like ourselves.

Terrorism is the weapon of the weak -- weaker than the US -- and of nationalist, bourgeois forces who want to use it as a bargaining chip to negotiate with the imperialists, and who DO NOT want to organize the working class, students, and others around a class line: to build an international movement against capitalism.

We should do whatever we can to organize meetings, rallies, and teach-ins to get this message out.

We should raise this in all our classes, today and for the rest of the week.

We should get together with as many of our friends, and THEIR friends, as we can, to get them to help us organize these meetings, rallies, teach-ins.

We should contact our friends and others around the country with the same goal.

Let's try to write, right away, articles for campus newspapers with our analysis.

Let's post these articles, and other good analyses, including Challenge articles, to this list, so we can all be armed with them, educate ourselves, and go on to reach others.

Please post your ideas and comments. I mean the suggestions above to be helpful. Don't hesitate to question them, and to post your own ideas.

Above all: let's be PRO-active. The ruling class certainly will be.