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Date: March 12, 2009. 17.53
From: Mikhail Khas’minskii
Subject: The book of the wonderful historian Grover Furr "Antistalinskaia Podlost’" ["Antistalinist Villainy"]

Dear Julia Ivanova:

Right now I’m reading the book by the wonderful historian Grover Furr titled "Antistalinskaia Podlost’".

It’s a super-book!!!! I’m happy that I discovered it!!!!

Many things that were unclear to me have now become clearer. Of course I knew that there were a lot of lies and slander about Stalin, and I even knew what they are about. But I did not understand the entirety of the picture and the motivation of those who did it. Now I understand it more or less.

I RECOMMEND THIS BOOK TO EVERYONE VERY MUCH!!!!! This is a scientific historical work with the evidence. I think that it will interest you. It is objective historical research and a pile of factual archival material.

This book confirms to a great extent what you have written about in your book "Dremuchie Dveri" ["Dense Doors"].*

I am attaching the [publisher’s] annotation...


* NOTE: Julia Ivanova's imaginative novel is available free online here.