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 Academic Publishers in Economics and Finance

In addition to scholarly research, some publishers in Economics and Finance have texts with website links as well as useful learning tools. Protection of intellectual property rights at some sites may require validation of enrollment in a course and/or purchase of a selected text. Publishers without known website links may be no longer in operation, may have merged with other firms, or may be reached through cd-rom and/or hard copy searches. Although international in scope, this list should be considered as representative rather than exhaustive.

Books in Print (via MSU Infotrac Search Bank)

AAUP Combined Catalog of University Publishers

Academic Press

Addison-Wesley Longman

Africa World Press - Red Sea Press

Allyn and Bacon

Ashgate Publishers, Inc. (U.K.)

Basil Blackwell Publishers (U.K.)

Cambridge University Press (U.K.)

Carfax Publishing Ltd. (U.K.)

Columbia University Press

Cornell University Press

Dalloz-Sirey (France)

Dover Books

Dryden Publishers

Earthscan Publications (U.K.)

Economica (France)

Editions Eyrolles (France)

Editions Gallimard (France)

Editions Karthala (France)

EDUNSA (Espagna)

Edward Elgar Publishing, Inc. (U.K.)

Elsevier North-Holland Publishers (Netherlands)

Foreign Languages Press (Beijing, China)

W.H. Freeman and Company

Garland Publishing (Taylor and Francis) (U.K.)

Greenwood Publishers

Harcourt Brace Holt Publishers

L'Harmattan éditions (France)

Harvard University Press

Harper Collins (Basic, Westview) Publishers

International Publishers (Moscow, Russia)

The Johns Hopkins University Press

Houghton-Mifflin D.C. Heath Company

Kluwer Academic Publishers (Netherlands)

Little Brown and Company

Macmillan Publishers


MIT Press

Monthly Review Press

New York University Press

W.W. Norton Company

Oxford University Press (U.K.)

Pathfinder Books (U.K./Sweden)

Praeger Publishers


Presses Universitaires de France (France)

Princeton University Press

Routledge and Kegan Paul (Taylor and Francis) (U.K.)

Sage Publications

M.E. Sharpe

South End Press

Springer-Verlag Publishing Company (Germany)

Southwestern-ITP Publishing Company

Stanford University Press

University of Chicago Press

University of Michigan Press

Verso Books (U.K.)

West Publishing Company

John Wiley and Sons

Worth (St. Martin's Press) Publishers

Yale University Press

Zed Books (U.K.)

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