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 Financial markets are linked increasingly through the internet as trading becomes a 24 hour a day activity. Sites below contain both historical and current data that are useful for econometric modeling and tracking of financial portfolios. The three currencies above - the Japanese Yen, the Euro, and the U.S. Dollar, currently account for over two-thirds of world output and trade.

  NBER Macrohistory Database   National Bureau of Economic Research
  Asian and Global Crisis Homepage   Nouriel Roubini, New York University
  EDGAR Database   U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
  Directory of Worldwide Stock Exchanges   World Stock
  Directory of Futures and Options Exchanges   Futures Directory
  IPO Resources   Ivo Welch, UCLA
  Universal Currency Daily Table   OANDA
  Financial Data Finder   Ohio State University
  Commodity and Currency Futures
  FINWeb   James Garvin, LSU
  Central Banking Resource Center   Mark Bernkopf
  International Monetary Fund   IMF
  Global Financial Data (historical)   Bryan Taylor
  FDIC   Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
  Datastream/ICV   Primark Commercial
  Currencies and Currency-Exchange   IfBG, Göttingen, Germany
  NYSE Quotes, 1880, 1900, 1915   Ivo Welch, UCLA 
  Internet Auction   Haggle
  Interest Rates   Board of Governors, Federal Reserve Bd.
  History of Money   Roy Davies, U. Exeter, U.K.
  National Center of Banking Information   U.S. Federal Reserve
  Living Cost Differential Salary Calculator   Home Buyer's Fair
  Futures Contracts in Agriculture   Chicago Mercantile Exchange
  Agricultural Crop Prices   Cornell University


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