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The rising costs of publishing have created incentives to take advantage of new information technologies. Increasingly, libraries are seeking to multiply capacity through electronic databases. Listed below are some common electronic library resources for research in economics, finance, and business-related fields. As electronic data become more readily available, we move to a universe of virtual library resources. Real libraries will not disappear in the process but will be used more efficiently than in the past.

Bibliographic Databases


CARL's UnCover

Hardcopy Working Papers in Economics (BibEc)

Journal of Economic Literature and EconLit (JEL)

Journal of Economic Literature Subject Descriptors

JSTOR - Online Journals

University Libraries - U.S.

Montclair State University Library (Upper Montclair, New Jersey)

LINC (MSU Sprague Library)

Kean University Library (Union, New Jersey)

New Jersey City University Library (Jersey City, New Jersey)

New Jersey Institute of Technology Library (Hoboken, New Jersey)

Ramapo College Library (Mahwah, New Jersey)

Richard Stockton State College (Pomona, New Jersey)

Rowan University Library (Trenton, New Jersey)

William Paterson University Library (Wayne, New Jersey)

Baruch College, CUNY, Library (New York, New York)

Boston University Libraries (Boston, Massachusetts)

Brown University Library (Providence, Rhode Island)

Carnegie-Mellon University Libraries (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

Columbia University Libraries (New York, NewYork)

Watson Library of Business and Economics (Columbia U.)

Cornell University Libraries (Ithaca, New York)

Harvard University Libraries (Cambridge, Massachusetts)

Littauer Library (Harvard U.)

Baker Library (Harvard Business School)

Library Consortia (U.Cal, Berkeley)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Library (Cambridge, Massachusetts)

New York University Libraries (New York, New York)

NYU Bobst Library International Businesss and Economics (NYC, NY)

NYU Bobst Library U.S. Business and Economics (NYC, NYY)

Princeton University Libraries (Princeton, New Jersey)

Industrial Relations Library (Princeton U.)

Pliny Fisk Library of Economics and Finance (Princeton U.)

Queens College, CUNY, Libraries (Flushing, New York)

Rutgers University Libraries (New Brunswick, New Jersey)

Yale University Libraries (New Haven, Connecticut)

International University Libraries

Cambridge University Libraries (Cambridge, U.K.)

Oxford University Libraries (Oxford, U.K.)

Working Papers in Economics and Management (U.Warwick, U.K.)


 Public Libraries

Bibliothèque Nationale (Paris, France)

Boston Public Library (Boston, Massachusetts)

Library of Congress (Washington, D.C.)

New York Public Library (New York, New York)

The British Library (London, U.K.)

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