Teaching and Learning Resources for Economics and Finance

 Pedagogical Data and Curriculum Resources

Some of the following sites have been developed specifically for classroom use, while others lend themselves to curriculum activity.

Basic Data Series


Global Population (U.S. Central Intelligence Agency)

International Indicators (OECD)

International Currency Exchange Rates (Philadelphia Stock Exchange)


U.S. Budget Data (U.S. Office of Management and Budget)

U.S. Corporate Profits by Industry (U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis)

U.S. Federal Tax Data (Economic Report of the President)

U.S. Public Debt (U.S. Treasury)

U.S. Business Cycles (National Bureau of Economic Research)

U.S. National Income and Product Accounts (U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis)

U.S. International Trade (Foreign Trade Division. U.S. Census Bureau)

U.S. Balance of Payments (Bureau of Economic Analysis)

U.S. Inflation Rates (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics; FRB Minneapolis)

U.S. Unemployment Rates (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics )

U.S. Interest Rates (Board of Governors, Federal Reseve System)

U.S. Stock and Bond Market Prices (Global Financial Data)

U.S. Monetary Aggregates (St.Louis Federal Reserve Bank)

U.S. Demographic Data (U.S. Census Bureau)

U.S. Education Statistics (National Assessment of Educational Progress, U.S. DOE)

U.S. Energy Data (U.S. Energy Information Administration)

U.S. Environmental Data (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)

U.S. Health Care Data (U.S. National Center for Health Statistics)

U.S. Agricultural Data (U.S. Department of Agriculture)

U.S. Research and Development Data (National Science Foundation)


Directory of State and Local Governments

Directory of State Economic Data Centers

Directory of State Tax Information

Directory of State Think Tanks

Organizations and Individual Sites

AmosWorld Economic Glossary (Orley M. Amos, Jr., Oklahoma State University)

Antitrust Sites (Vanderbilt U.; Federal Trade Commission )

Roger A. Arnold Economics Website (Southwestern Publishing Co.)

Asia and Global Crisis Homepage (Nouriel Roubini, New York University)

The Balanced Budget Debate (Electronic Policy Network; Concord Coalition)

Karl E. Case and Ray C. Fair Economics (Prentice-Hall)

Cents Financial Journal (Electronic Publishing Company)

CyberEconomics (Robert E. Schenk, Saint Joseph's College, Rensselaer, Indiana)

Economic Syllabi (New South Network Services, Tallahassee, Florida)

Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Economic Education Resources (FRB Boston)

Federal Reserve Open Market Committee (FRBBOG)

Futures Contracts (Chicago Mercantile Exchange)

Economic Education Pages of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis (FRB St.Louis)

Economic Development Institute Resources for Trainers (World Bank)

Economic Time Series Page (Ted Bos, U. Alabama, Birmingham)

EconomicsAmerica EconEdLink (National Council on Economic Education)

Essential Principles of Economics: A Hypermedia Text (Roger A. McCain, Drexel University)

Highway Congestion Pricing Alternatives (Puget Sound Regional Council)

History of Money (Roy Davies, U. Exeter, U.K.)

HyperStat Online (David M. Lane, Rice University)

Income Distribution (U.S. Bureau of the Census)

Index of Economic Freedom (Heritage Foundation)

Internet Auctions (Haggle Online.com)

Labor Organizations

American Association of University Professors (AAUP)


American Bar Association (employee association)

American Federation of Musicians (trade union

American Federation of Teachers (public employee union)

Made in USA Foundation (nationalist organization)

United Autoworkers Union (industrial union)

William A. McEachern Economics (South-Western College Publishing)

NAFTA Sites (U.Texas NAFTA site; NAFTA.org)

oo_Micro! (Joe Daniel, University of Delaware)

Poverty (U.S. Bureau of the Census)

Principles of Macroeconomics (J. Bradford DeLong, UC-Berkeley)

Privatization of Highways? (Peter Samuel, Cato Institute)

Problems in Microeconomics (Byron Brown, Michigan State University)

Resources for University Teachers of Economics (U. Melbourne, Australia)

Social Science Data Analysis Network (U. Michigan)

Social Security (SSA; Heritage Foundation)

StockMaster (StockMaster.com)

Understanding the World Macroeconomy (Nuriel Roubini, New York University)

World Lecture Hall syllabi in economics (U. Texas)

Simulation Models

EcoSim (Anthony Davies, Weseyan College)

The Election Calculator (John S. Irons, MIT)

Iowa Electronic Markets (U. Iowa)

FAIRMODEL (Ray Fair, Yale University)

Game Theory - Prisoner's Dilemma Game (Bryn Mawr College)

The Institute of Fiscal Studies Virtual Economy (U.K.)

Merger Simulations (Vanderbilt Univerity)

The National Budget Simulation Model (Anders Schneiderman and Nathan Newman, U. California Berkeley)

Test Banks

AmosWorld Macroeconomic Testing System (Orley M. Amos, Jr., Oklahoma State University)

Economics Tutorial Materials (California State University at Northridge)

Dancing Monkey Project (Nancy Folbre, U. Mass.)

Stiglitz Web (Joseph Stiglitz, Stanford U., W.W. Norton)

Other Tools

Conferences (Bill Goffe, U. Mississippi, Resources for Economists)

The Idea Channel (Web Based vide clips, at fee rates)

Mailing Lists (Bill Goffe, U. Mississippi, Resources for Economists)

Northeast Parallel Architectures Center (Geoffrey Fox and Ken Hawick, Syracuse University)

Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications (John Wiley, U. Nijmegen, Netherlands)

Usenet Newsgroups and Other Discussion Systems (Bill Goffe, U. Mississippi, Resources for Economists)

Word Processing, Writing Resources, and Publication Aids (Bill Goffe, U. Mississippi, Resources for Economists)


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