Chemical Hygiene Plan

Sedimentology Laboratory - Mallory Hall 259
Dr. Sandra Passchier; office phone: 973-655-3185

In case of a medical or fire emergency call Campus Police at 973-655-5222
Departmental Safety Officer Mrs. Yoko Sato (ML 252M) at 973 655-4418
Departmental main office (ML 252) with secretary Mrs. Patti Flatley at 973-655-4448

".. industry is in a better position than academia to keep safety standards high because it has a clear hierarchy of power, fewer inexperienced students, and accountability to management. .. 52.1% of graduate students often or occasionally work alone in laboratories, something that is forbidden in industry." (From:
A Death in the Lab).

Dr. Xiaona Li is the designated laboratory manager in the communal EAES lab environment. Departmental staff, chair, students and faculty share the responsibility for laboratory safety. The reponsibilities and the standard operating procedures for the sedimentology lab are detailed in the PDF file linked below.

The project PI or faculty advisor is responsible for the students compliance with departmental, college, and university wide safety regulations. In order to comply with OSHA requirements, faculty and students need to complete laboratory safety training, and lab specific safety training. The training will cover basic instrument operation, advise on sample preparation, and data quality control.

PDF Documents
Chemical Hygiene Plan (Responsibilities and standard operating procedures)
Health and Safety Booklet (From Malvern Inc.)
Safety Checklist for Students

List of chemicals with MSDS data sheets (click chemical name for PDF)
Sodium Hydroxide 1N solution
Sodium Polytungstate powder
Hydrochloric Acid solution 32%
Sodium Pyrophosphate crystals
Hydrogen Peroxide 30%
Norland Optical Adhesive 61