Fall 2003      I am currently using Blackboard to teach The Structure of American English
Spring 2003
                                                                      Languages of the USA
                                                                                                               The Language of Propaganda
Fall 2002
LNGN 220-01    The Structure of American English
APLN 520-01     Current Theories/Second Language Acquisition

Spring 2002
LNGN 325-01   Principles of Second Language Learning 
ESOL 172-01    Academic Reading  
APLN 521-01    Methodology of Teaching ESL

Fall 2001
LNGN 290       Language of the Law
APLN 536        Languages of the USA            

Spring 2001
LNGN 280       Bilingualism
APLN 500        Language and Linguistics

Fall 2000
APLN 508        Research Design in Applied Linguistics
LNGN 403        Methods & Materials of TESL
LNGN 210       
Introduction to General Linguistics