NLP research at  Montclair

Natural Language Processing research at Montclair State University is conducted in the Linguistics and Computer Science Departments. Our research combines linguistic insights into the phenomena of interest with rigorous, cutting edge methods in machine learning and other computational approaches.

The NLP@MSU group consists of the following faculty and many graduate students.

Anna Feldman (Linguistics/Computer Science)
Eileen Fitzpatrick (Linguistics)
Jonathan Howell (Linguistics)
Chris Leberknight (Computer Science) 
Jing Peng (Computer Science)
Aparna Varde (Computer Science)

Research projects 

á      Resource-light Morphology (funded by NSF) (Feldman)

á      ARIDA(Fitzpatrick, Feldman)

á      Automatic Idiom Detection (funded by NSF) (Feldman, Peng)

á      Linguistically-informed Approach for Measuring and Circumventing Internet Censorship (Leberknight, Feldman)

á      Deception Detection (Fitzpatrick)