To the Editor:

In a previous letter I discussed how "Conservatism" is a pro-employer ideology that aims to lower the standard of living of all employees and promote ideologies which justify exploitation and the subordination of working people to their bosses.

It's important to understand what this means. Books and articles written by "conservative" propagandists, funded by corporate think-tanks and foundations, are "Public Relations", pure and simple. No matter how many footnotes they may contain, they are not real research. Since they set out, not to consider all evidence and question their own biases, but to write pro-employer propaganda, they can in principle never discover the truth.

"Conservative" pseudo-scholars -- like Terry Eastland, who spoke here recently -- are like the chemists with Ph.Ds who work for tobacco companies. Their academic degrees are window-dressing, to dupe the unwary reader -- to make it easier for them to lie for their corporate masters. Therefore, no one should even read them -- do you read the "research" put out by tobacco companies "proving" that smoking doesn't contribute to cancer? -- except for the purpose of exposing them. It's vital to be clear about this.

In my last letter I exposed the "conservatives'" attacks on Big Government, Education, Affirmative Action, and the Minimum Wage. Here I consider a few more issues beloved by "conservative" mouthpieces for business interests.

Closer to home, take a look at The Montclarion. Do its "conservative" editors strive for a "balance" between columnists who defend workers' and students' rights, and those of the "Conservatives," who promote corporate interests? Forget it! For "Conservatives", freedom -- including freedom of the press -- is for themselves, and their bosses, the corporate elite, period. The rest of us only have the "freedom" to believe what they say; do what we're told; and shut up!

My next letter will examine Affirmative Action and expose the racism behind "Conservatives'" attack on it.

Grover Furr

English Department

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