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Here are the sites I have found most useful, informative, and accurate, both for those trying to understand the world, and those of us who are trying to change it.


  Alan Spector - Talk at "Rethinking the New Left", November 11 2010

Workplace: the journal for academic labor. Excellent, hard-hitting articles by members of the Grad Student Caucus of the MLA; by other graduate student scholar-activists; and by academic activists. 

September 29, 2005: An article of mine critical of an opinion piece in the student newspaper, The Montclarion, arguing for a "flat tax."

November 10, 2001: An article of mine on the criminal war against Afghanistan from the student newspaper, The Montclarion. Also in Counterpunch, the on-line muckraking journal.

"Israel's Sacred Terrorism," by Livia Rokach. (Taken from the Arab-American University Graduates Page -- I can't find this link now, so I'm putting up the whole text).

Transcript of an exchange with a Christian anti-abortionist.

July 23, 1999: I'm really tired of all the hype about the death of JFKJr, so here are some links to articles that pierce the hype:

"Kennedy ‘Mystique’: Nazis, Gangsters, And Warmakers" (Progressive Labor Party)
"Bowing in the Wrong Direction", by Norman Solomon (Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting - this is the new URL for this article, which now has a new title - "A Media Prince Dies, And Some Faux Tears Flow")

There are seven sections to this page. You may "click" on any section heading immediately below to go directly to that section, without scrolling down the whole page. At the end of each section there is a link, called (TOC), which returns you to the table of contents. At the bottom of the whole page there is a box with links to my other pages.

Table of Contents (TOC)

  1. General Sources for Marxist and Communist Analysis
  2. Labor Movement;
  3. Economic Analysis;
  4. Marxism and Anti-Imperialism
  5. Stalin and Anti-Communism
  6. Anti-racism;
  7. American Politics Unmasked.

Let me hear your comments and -- especially -- any suggestions for other sites I should consider adding. Thanks!

First let's consider how indoctrination hides the reality of exploitation from us. Here are some selections from the book by James Loewen, Lies My Teacher Taught Me, a liberal critique of textbooks and, more generally, how the US population is systematically taught lies and fairy-tales instead of the truths of capitalist exploitation and all its horrors.

General Sources for Marxist and Communist Analyses

These are the sites I have found most valuable in my struggle to understand the world: the class struggle; exploitation; and all the attendant horrors of capitalism, as well as in evaluating the successes and failures of the old Communist movement.

Progressive Labor Party Home Page
Ever since the anti-war and anti-racist movements of the '60s I have found this to be the best of the "alternative" sources. Relentlessly anti-capitalist, resolutely pro-worker and pro-employee generally, it's the best source of class analysis of the world's events.
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Labor Movement Sources

STRIKE PAGE! Workers' struggles in the US and abroad.

Center for Labour Studies Information Links at University of Adelaide, Australia -- labour studies worldwide.

Jeff Coplon did some good muckraking journalism on American labor in the Village Voice during the 1980s. I'm glad to have preserved some of these articles here, excellent and always timely.

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Economic Analysis

CAPITALISM looks very different in reality from the rosy portrayal it receives in the mainstream media and textbooks! Look to these sites in order to understand how exploitation affects you, and what you can do about it.

The U.S. Economic Crisis: why all employees are getting cut-back, fired, and attacked, while the stock market goes through the roof. By PLP.

LBO: The Left Business Observer by liberal-left economist Doug Henwood; articles and analysis from the LBO Newsletter. Analysis you won't read in the mainstream press or see on TV; how corporate exploitation is covered up by the politicians. Check out Doug's article on Poverty in the US for some facts that will prove to you that the poor are workers like you!

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Marxism and Anti-Imperialism

Links for a class analysis of the world and Marxist theory.

The Marxism Page: sources for Marxist works on the Web.

The Marx/Engels WWW Archive (University of Colorado); from the Progressive Sociology Network.

U.S. Intervention in Haiti was analyzed in October 1994 in an essay for The Montclarion. And here is an essay on why Americans should protest the Gulf War against Iraq.

"Religion: tool of the bosses": analysis of religion and idealist thought generally, from the Ancient Greeks to today; why a "people's religion" is impossible. From PLP. This same pamphlet is also available here .

Also, check out the Journalism Criticism section of my Media Page for the
Noam Chomsky Archives. Chomsky has excellent research. Beware, though, of his anti-communism. These articles are mainly from Z Magazine.

"The Control of History". Michael Parenti's essay on how history is distorted to serve ruling-class interests.

GANDHI: No Wonder the Exploiters Love Him!
A paragraph from an excellent exposé of Gandhi, as an elitist enemy of the working class. I hope to have more from this book here when I get a chance to transcribe it!

Alan Spector, "Class Structure and Social Change: The Contradictions of Class Relations in Advanced Capitalist Society" (originally published in Sociological Inquiry, 1965). Excellent defense of Marxist categories of class struggle, class contradictions, and class struggle in understanding capitalist societies. A defense of Marxism against its academic detractors.(In PDF format; you need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read this file).

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Stalin and Anti-Communism

The "Stalin Question" is one of the most vital issues of our time, I think, because stories about the "horrors of Stalinism" are used to demoralize millions of people who are otherwise fed up with capitalist exploitation and are looking for an alternativ e. The "anti-Stalinists" basically tell us there is no alternative! So serious research on the USSR during the period of Stalin's leadership is vital in helping us understand what the Bolsheviks did that was right, and what they did that was wrong, led away from communism and egalitarianism, and what we must learn from their heroic experiences.

Review of Robert W. Thurston, Life and Terror in Stalinist Russia. Though anti-communist itself, Thurston's book explodes many of the anti-Stalin lies about the first workers' state during the 1930s, making use of the latest documents from former Soviet archives. This critical review summarizes the lessons and reveals its limitations. From PLP.

Stalin Reconsidered: English translation of a Belgian work debunking Cold-War lies about the USSR in Stalin's time.

Here is the text of a short talk I gave on "Today's Crises and Thoughts on Joseph Stalin" at the Unitarian Church in Orange, NJ in September 1994. And, here is a little essay on anti-Stal inism inspired by Josephine Tey's famous mystery novel Daughter of Time, concerning the way "official" historians distort history to serve their masters. Your criticisms and comments would be appreciated.

"The Hoax of the 'Man-Made' 1932-33 Ukrainian Famine".
First of a series of six articles originally published in Challenge-Desafio, newspaper of the PLP, in 1987. It's the best exposé of the anti-communist lies about the "Man-made famine", but also contains valuable analysis of anti-communism in general, and a good discussion of what really did happen in the USSR in the '30s, and why it turned eventually towards capitalism. (NOTE: This series does not deny that there was a famine in the Ukraine, and in other parts of the USSR, in 1932-33. It demonstrates that this famine was not "man-made" or a deliberate attempt to kill Ukrainians. No one denies that a famine existed).
There are six articles in this series. You can go from one to the other through links at the end of each, or go to each of them from here:

Jeff Coplon, "In Search of a Soviet Holocaust: A 55-Year-Old Famine Feeds the Right". Village Voice, Jan. 12, 1988.
This article dissects the pro-Nazi roots of both the film and the book critiqued in the series of six articles above, and gives details about the sleazy background of the filmmakers and "scholars," Conquest and others. A good supplement to the series above.

Here are some other related articles on Ukrainian Nationalist Nazi murderers:

Mark Tauger has published several articles and two important monographs on the Soviet famine of 1932-33, definitively showing that they were not "man-made." Here is a short introduction to his scholarship: "Le livre noir du communisme on the Soviet Holocaust of 1932-33. A Chapter from Wolfgang Wippermann, ed., Roter Holocaust?


"PBS Anti-Stalinism Is Based on Nazi Lies, first of a four-part series from PLP, 1990, that dissects the lies behind the three-part PBS series "Stalin." You can get to each article from l inks at the end of the previous one, or you can go directly to each from here:

Review of Clement Leibovitz, The Chamberlain-Hitler Deal.
This book documents in extraordinary detail how the British and French ruling classes did not "appease" Hitler, but instead encouraged the Nazis to expand to the East, thus causing World War II. Anti-communism, together with anti-Semitism, was entirely re sponsible for Hitler's rise, successes, and the Second World War. Leibovitz, an anti-communist, does not let his anti-communism blind him to the facts -- that the Soviet Union alone was trying to forge collective security againt the Nazis, and that the ma jor European powers did not want that, but instead wanted Hitler to destroy communism and so aided German rearmament, the destruction of Czechoslovakia, and so on.
The exhaustive documentation in Leibovitz's book puts his conclusions beyond any question. Read the review, and then order the book and read it, as I have done.

Quotation from Molotov showing he believed Tukhachevskii guilty; from Chuev's Conversations with Molotov. This is consistent with all the best contemporary bourgeois research, including an article I wrote, which you can j ump to here.

"Communisme, les falsifications d'un 'livre noir'" is an article in French attacking an anti-communist book (one arguing that "Stalin was four times worse than Hitler"!) and defending the communist movement, while pointing out that French (and Western) colonialism was responsible for millions of murders in the post-WWII period, while only the communist movement opposed imperialism. It doesn't go far enough, but is worth reading all the same. From Le Monde Diplomatique, December 1997.

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Racism is the main ideological force dividing the working class in the US and around the world. Here are a few sites important for combatting racism. Please let me know about any others you find!

How the Exploitation of Illegal Immigrants and Lower Class People Affects All Workers. An essay of mine from The Montclarion, student newspaper here at Montclair State University. Also here, in PDF format.

Racism, Intelligence and the Working Class: An exposé of the "new racism" -- genetic determinism, for example -- as another attack on the working class generally and blac k, latin and immigrant workers specifically. From PLP. Read it!

Oppose Racist "Violence Initiative". Excellent pamphlet from the International Committee Against Racism (1993) exposing the fascist phony science around the attempt to find a genetic cause for violence. On the PLP space, but not a PLP pamphlet.

  "Affirmative Action Helps Workers, Hurts Capitalists". An essay I wrote for the ACTNOW-L mailing list in February 1995. Please give me your feedback!

Here is a short letter to The Montclarion in November, 1996, exposing dishonest "Conservatives'" attacks on Affirmative Action.

But the best piece I have ever read, from a class analysis, is the following:
"Defend Affirmative Action", draft of an article or pamphlet by members of PLP. Well documented, with an excellent class analysis, it clarified many questions for me. What do you think?

Review of The Bell Curve. Powerful review by Prof. Steve Rosenthal of Hampton University demolishes this truly fascist pseudo-science.

"I.Q. Scores Are Up, and Psychologists Wonder Why", New York Times Feb. 24, 1998. Further proof -- as though more were needed -- that "I.Q." scores are due to the environment, not to heredity in any way.

"The Fight Against Racism": excellent class analysis of racism. From PLP.

  "I.F. Stone Breaks the Socrates Story," from The New York Times Magazine, April 8, 1979.
Plato is the founder of elitist, anti-democratic, anti-working class thought in Western culture and, as such, is admired by elitists and their toadies. Alan Bloom, in The Closing of the American Mind, positively swoons over this lover of dictatorship and aristocracy. Before his death, the liberal journalist I.F. Stone wrote two articles and a book on Socrates, revealing why he was executed -- as a teacher of, and apologist for, the aristocratic terror-regime of the "Thirty Tyrants" and hater of democracy. This article is by far the better of the two, and far superior to his mealy-mouthed book, The Trial of Socrates.

The best account of Plato's and Socrates' role in the foundation of elitist authoritarian ideology is still Alban D. Winspear and Charles Silverberg, Who Was Socrates? Winspear -- a Communist Party member at the time he wrote this book -- shows how Socrates changed his ideology from democratic to aristocratic as he earned more money, and also has a very clear explanation of the relationship between Idealism and aristocracy, and Materialism and democracy, which goes far to explain, for example, why Marx's doctoral dissertation was devoted to the materialist and pro-democratic philosopher Epicurus.
I'm proud to make this seminal Marxist work available on-line.

"The Negro Question in the South", by Tom Watson, from Arena (Boston), 1892.
A North Carolina populist leader at the time, Watson wrote this essay to show how racism was used by landowners in the South to divide black and white farmers from one another so they would not join to win reforms both groups needed. His essay shows that the economic and class analysis of racism was understood, at least in large part, long before communists made it the cornerstone of their analysis of racism.

Subsection: The Racist, Elitist and Sexist SAT Tests.

The Anti-Racism Resource Web Site. Anti-racist WWW sites. Check it out!

Here is a critique of
Leonard Jeffries, the racist Afrocentrist academic, and the role his philosophy plays for the racist ruling elite. And here I've posted a more detailed critique of Afrocentrism, in a follo w-up to the piece on Jeffries.

"The Whiting of Euro-Americans: A Divide and Conquer Strategy", by Thandeka, a Unitarian minister. Very good on the invention, literally, of racism in the 17th century by Virginia landowners, who wanted to keep poor whites and blacks from uniting in rebellion against them. Along the lines of Ted Allan's much longer essays (see below), and with a better class line than Lerone Bennett's old essay "The Road Not Taken." Mirrored here.

"Summary of the Argument of The Invention of the White Race", by Ted Allen. A very useful summary, with full documentation, of Allen's thorough demonstration of how racism was invented by Virginia landowners in the 17th century in his lengthy two-volume work. Part One summarizes Volume I; Part Two, the second volume.

Barbara Fields, "Ideology and Race in American History." An excellent analysis of the "discourse" of race, especially in academic discussions of it; an essay that clarifies much, historically and conceptually, for anti-racists.

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U.S. Politics Unmasked

What is really going on in politics -- in the U.S. as elsewhere -- is not at all what the politicians and media tell us is going on!

"The Politics Behind the Shooting of the Pope", from Comment, 1983 (journal at Montclair State College). The CIA was much more likely involved than the Soviets.

  "Vietnam to Yugoslavia: What I Learned," from The Montclarion (Montclair State Univ. student weekly newspaper),   Thursday, April 15, 1999, p. 14.

"A Little Light on Politics in the US: The 'Conservatives', Part I". 'Conservatives', so-called, are propagandists for corporate interests; their main aim is to lower the living standard of working Americans -- 90% of us.
And here is Part Two of this series

The Bosnian crisis, and US capitalists' interests in it, put into context with a class analysis. And, click here for "When War Is Called Peace," putting Bosnia in the context of the international imperialist competition. From PLP.

Why the Attack on Welfare? It's an attack on the working class as a whole -- on you and me! From PLP.

The Reactionary Right. The right-wingers are the ideological representatives of corporate fascism; their claim that they stand up for the "middle class" is pure nonsense. This site, though not Marxist, let alone communist, has some information on these elitist fakers.

Cold War Hot Links: Web Sources Related to the Cold War. The Cold War -- an attack on the working class and all employees, as well as, more narrowly, on communism, defor med American society and life for decades. Here is some material helpful in understanding it.

"Liberals, Anti-Communism, and McCarthyism": an essay on the Cold War.

Here is an article on "U.S. Advisers at 'Torture Class'" in El Salvador in 1980. Written by Raymond Bonner in The New York Times, January 11, 1981, it was instrumental in getting him removed from covering El Salvador due to Reagan Administration pressure.
And here is a New York Times article from January 1986 that points up how the "religious right" in the US are promoting Christian fundamentalism, with a social message that defends exploitation and promotes passive acceptance of the status quo, to attack reform and promote the fascist military in El Salvador.

"Don't Trust US Rulers!" This is an essay I wrote to expose the fact that the US is the real "evil empire," with Soviet rulers trying vainly to "catch up."

"Israeli Rule over Palestinians is Fascist", another essay I wrote for The Montclarion in 1988, about Israeli fascism and how the media cover it up.

Young Republicans Support Nazi Group. This is an article I wrote in 1982 pointing out how anti-communism leads to fascism. The Montclair State College 'Young Republican Club' put up posters from anti-communist right-wing groups, including one from a Russian émigré group of Nazi collaborators and criminals. And ...
... here is the sequel, with documentation edited out of the first article by the student newspaper's editors.

Exposé of US Hostages in Iran, 1979. The US hostages in Iran were mainly CIA criminals. This fact was buried by the US press, who were complicit in working up a chauvinistic fervor to cover up US participation in torture and killing for the US puppet, the fascist Shah. I wrote this for The Montclarion in 1979; with references.

US Teaches Torture in Iran, South America -- two New York Times articles from 1979 on C.I.A. torture instruction, one by Seymour Hersh, "Ex-analyst says CIA rejected warning on Shah", the other by A.J. Langguth, "Torture's Teachers." Both feature the testimony of former C.I.A. agent Jesse Leaf.

U.S. Imperialism Exposed in Attack on Libya, an essay from The Montclarion exposing the 1986 bombing of Libya by the US as another imperialist act.

Anti-Abortion Movement Is Fascist. This is an essay I wrote in 1985, when the film "Silent Scream" was being dishonestly used by the anti-abortion movement to push their fascist agenda.

Essay on the 1990-91 Gulf War, exposing it as another act of U.S. imperialism. I wrote this essay for The Montclarion in 1990.

Another essay on the Gulf War, December 1990, with further information about U.S. imperialist aims; and another, published in January, 1991.

"The U.S. Is Just As Guilty As Pol Pot", an article I wrote for The Montclarion, April 24 1998. At Pol Pot's death the U.S. media repeated the lie that he had been a Communist, while omitting completely the fact that the U.S. had financially backed him and the Khmer Rouge for 15 years, while denouncing them as "Communists" guilty of "genocide".

Other articles documenting U.S. guilt in supporting Pol Pot for years are here:

1996 Presidential Elections
Curious about the Presidential candidates? Take a look at the "Skeleton Closet: All the Scandals on All of the Presidential Election Candidates." 'Liberal' and 'Conservative' -- or, rather, 'Libative' and 'Conserveral' -- included.

The Public Interest Research Groups. Definitely not "radical", with little or no class analysis, Ralph Nader's groups do some good research from time to time on corporate and political abuses.

Essays on U.S. Politics

Here are a list of both WWW sites and of some specific essays from those sites, that help to expose the authoritarianism, exploitation and murder behind the façade of democracy in the United States.

"Is Nicaragua More Democratic Than the US?", an essay by Michael Parenti from 1986. Although a Marxist, Parenti accepts capitalist notions of what "democracy" means (at least in this essay). But his demonstration of how, even by this weak definition, the US is less democratic than Sandinista Nicaragua, helps expose the imperialist, exploitative nature of both US foreign policy and the United States capitalist government itself. From the ACTIV-L Archive.

Philip Agee on The Gulf War, from Z Magazine, October 1990.
Agee on U.S. Foreign Policy, from Covert Action Quarterly(CAQ).

Covert Action Quarterly carries many good anti-imperialist and muckraking essays. Go here for their back issues list; more essays appearing on-line a ll the time. Here are a few examples:

General Smedley D. Butler on U.S. Imperialism.
Major General Smedley D. Butler was the most decorated soldier in American uniform. After retiring from the Marine Corps in the late 1920s, he wrote a series of articles exposing American militarism and imperialism. Here are large excerpts from the most f amous of these articles (originally published 1935).

The Consortium, a new journal edited by Robert Parry, formerly a researcher for PBS, publishes essays on the corrupt, repressive, and exploitative reality of US politics at home and abroad.

For example, here is an essay on
The October Surprise, and George Bush's part in conspiring with the Iranian government to keep the US hostages in Iran in 1980 until Reagan became president, so helping to ensure that Carter lost the election to Reagan.

Pink Noise, a page with jumps to different interesting sites for anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist research, including:

Finally , a collection of materials from all kinds of reform-oriented organizations.Click here for "Peacenet" from the Institute for Global Communications.

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