MSC Young Republicans Promote Fascist Group

MSC Young Republicans Promote Fascist Group

by Grover Furr

Originally published in The Montclarion, student newspaper of Montclair State College (now University), New Jersey, Thursday, September 9, 1982.

To the editor:

The' "Montclair State College Republicans" have flooded the bulletin boards with leaflets. These leaflets denounce the Soviet Union as the chief enemy of freedom and democracy in the world, and attack the nuclear freeze movement as Soviet plot. No doubt these' "lovers of freedom" are also responsible for writing "KGB Approved" on notices put up by anti-nuke supporters.

Among the leaflets signed by the "MSC Republicans" is one drafted by "NTS -- Alliance of Russian Solidarists -- Anti-Communist Alliance." Their endorsement of this-group tells a lot about the real values of the "MSC Republicans," who claim to love freedom and democracy. For the "NTS-Alliance of Russian Solidarists" is a pro-Nazi, fascist group!

Despite its avowal of communist, pro-worker ideas, the Soviet Union is in reality a capitalist society whose rulers are enemies of freedom, democracy, and workers' rights everywhere. But the same is true of the Republican Party -- and of the Democratic Party, too, for that matter. The Soviets support fascist martial law in Poland; the Republicans (and Democrats) support even more brutal martial law regimes in Brazil, Taiwan, Guatemala, Bolivia,Turkey, Argentina -- countries in which dissident trade union leaders are not merely imprisoned, like Lech Walesa, but are tortured and murdered!

It is a fact that Republicans and. Democrats support more murder, terror, and repression worldwide than even the Soviets do. And they would like to set up even more such regimes. For example, both Republicans and Democrats have for 20 years funded Cuban exile terrorists in their sabotage, murder, and germ warfare campaigns against pro-Soviet Cuba. The Republican Party was in power when Nixon and Kissinger set up the military coup in Chile in 1973 with its mass murder and torture.

So it is no "mistake,'' but quire natural, for the "MSC Republicans" to put their name . on the leaflet of a Nazi group like NTS. The Soviet bosses are evil, to be sure. But they are no more evil than the U.S. bosses, who operate through the two major parties. There is : nothing to choose between Republicans, Democrats, and Soviet "communists" (really capitalists as well); all are racist, pro-fascist, anti-democratic and anti-worker totalitarians.

I invite idealistic students who are horrified by the injustice, torture, racism, and inequality in the world, to find more about the International Committee Against Racism (InCAR), an MSC student group which fights racism and all forms of injustice, while opposing U.S., Soviet, Chinese, and all other repressive bosses who hide their crimes behind the rhetoric of "supporting democracy and freedom."

Grover Furr, English Department

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