Links to Fine Undergraduate Papers

from Grover Furr's Classes


are links to fine undergraduate papers from the different classes I teach or have taught in the past. They are categorized by subject matter, not by the precise class.

I hope they provide valuable research results for anyone interested in these topics. In addition, they are excellent models for the kind of work undergraduate students are certainly capable of producing.

Please send me your feedback about these papers and this page. I'd like to improve both its appearance and its usefulness, with your help.

Grover Furr
English Department
Montclair State University

Medieval Literature

ARKIN, Lili. The Role of Women in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.( From "Middle English Literature," Spring 1995).

Translation of this fine essay into the Czech language by Ms Barbora Lebedová: "Role žen v Sir Gawain a Zelený rytíř." (February 2017)

COLIER, Frederic. 'What Amounteth Al This Wit?' A Study of the Role of Reason in An Age of Decay [Chaucer's Reeve's Tale], from "Chaucer", Fall 1997.

KESSLER, Brian Michael. Chaucer Webliography (from Independent Study course, Chaucer, Spring 1999).

SUK, Diana V.C. The Dichotomy in the Piers Plowman Character: Langland's Intent versus Rebel Symbol (from "Middle English Literature," Spring 1998).


NUCERA, Kimberly. Covering Crime in the Press: White-Collar Crime vs. Street Crime. (From "History of Journalism in the U.S.", Spring 1995).

FRANK, Mary Kate. Term Papers For Sale. (NOTE: Ms Frank wrote this for Professor Ron Hollander's Journalism course, Fall 1998 -- not for mine. I'm including it here because it is excellent! and because she consulted me in researching the paper, and told me she would like to make it available to others on the web. I take no 'credit' for it at all - GF)

Social Protest Literature in the United States

DIAMANTOPOULOS, Annette. Moscow Yankee, by Myra Page -- an essay (From "Social Protest Literature in the U.S., Spring 1998).

The Internet For English Majors

KESSLER, Brian Michael, Tolkien and the War (From "The Internet for English Majors", Fall 1998)

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