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June 12 2012

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Medieval Works Available for Download by FTP

I have put online more than 100 primary texts for research in the European Middle Ages. Get the list, and directions for downloading them, here.

10.13.09 - In celebration of the life of my son Joe, on his 29th birthday. I spoke these words at the memorial service for Joe on February 7, 2009.

04.18.12 - "I Protest the Appearance of Professor Timothy Snyder!" Snyder, author of Bloodlands, spoke at Kean University on April 17 2012. Snyder may be the most blatant falsifier of history now active in mainstream academia! I distributed this leaflet to all those in attendance. Frankly, even I was shocked to see how Snyder blithely mouthed lie after lie about Soviet history, propagating the historical misrepresentations of Ukrainian and Polish nationalist, anti-Semites and participants in the Holocaust.

  04.01.12 - "Learning from the Communist Movement of the 20th Century. A Response to Richard Rubin." Platypus Review #45 (April 2012). My thanks to the Platypus editors who consented to publish this essay of mine which is strongly critical of one main trend in their movement!

03.20.12 - "Marshal S.M. Budiennyi on the Tukhachevsky Trial. Impressions of an Eye-Witness" (in Russian). Klio No. 2 (2012), pp. 8-24.

This is an edition of Budiennyi's letter to Voroshilov 2 weeks after the June 12, 1937 Tukhachevsky trial (the "Tukhachevsky Affair."). This letter is still top-secret in Russia today -- presumably because it is very powerful
evidence that Tukhachevsky and the other military figures were guilty. About five years ago I found this document in the Volkogonov Archive, Library of Congress. My colleague Vladimir Bobrov and I have published it with a detailed introduction in which we discuss its history and the previous references to it (all of them wrong, some deliberately misleading).

Budiennyi, who was a member of the Military Tribunal that tried Tukhachevsky and seven other high-ranking officers associated with the Marshal's conspiracy, wrote detailed impressions about the trial in the form of a letter to Marshal Kliment Voroshilov, People's Commissar for Defense. Budiennyi's letter provides strong evidence that Tukhachevsky and the rest were guilty not only of conspiracy themselves but of conspiring with Germany against the USSR. It also provides strong evidence that Leon Trotsky conspired with Germany.

The trial transcript is still top-secret in Russia today.

03.20.12 - "The Moscow Trials and the "Great Terror" of 1937-1938: What the Evidence Shows." (Written July 2010).

Please note especially the translations of the confessions of Nikolai Ezhov, compiled from various printed sources. This material has been available in print for 2 to 10 years but is very seldom cited.

01.02.12 - Grover Furr and Vladimir L. Bobrov. "Stephen Cohen's Biography of Bukharin: A Study in the Falsehood of Khrushchev-Era 'Revelations'". In Cultural Logic 2010.

12.10.11 - My response to Prof. Roger Keeran's somewhat critical review of my book Khrushchev Lied, on the MLToday website.
My thanks to Prof. Keeran and to the MLToday.com editors!

kl_vn_cover_sm.jpg (56758 bytes) 11.25.11 - The Vietnamese translation of my book Khrushchev Lied - "Trň hčn ma.t cho^'ng Stalin" -  is published by Knowledge Publishing House, Hanoi, Vietnam. "Knowledge" publishes works by Karl Marx and American Marxist physicist David Bohm, among others. My introduction, in Vietnamese, is online here. Thank you, friends!

Some other pages that list this Vietnamese translation of my book: "Bookaholic Club".

11.12.11 - The Turkish translation of my book Khrushchev Lied! is published by Yordam Kitap. (They also publish E.H. Carr, Alexander Rabinowitch, Bertell Ollman, Terry Eagleton, among others)

11.12.11 - Review of my book Khrushchev Lied! on blog of CPGB-ML. Many thanks for the positive words!

10.23.11. - My article "Anatomy of an Anticommunist Fabrication: The Death of Oliver Law" is republished at the site Red Ant Liberation Army My thanks to B.J. Murphy! (For original publication in 2008 and other republications, see below).

04. 04.11 - Turkish translation of my interview with Georgian Times! Thanks to Garbis Altinoglu! Also here, and here.

kl-cover-small.jpg (18194 bytes) 02.26 11 - Publication of the book Khrushchev Lied. (Subtitle: The Evidence that Every "Revelation" of Stalin's (and Beria's) "Crimes" in Nikita Khrushchev's Infamous "Secret Speech" to the 20th Party Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union on February 25, 1956, Is Provably False.) Home Page at Erythrós Press and Media.; at Abebooks.com; at Amazon.com; at Abebooks.co.uk.

My talk at the January 2011 Modern Language Association meeting on the cutbacks in public higher education.

11.08.10 - Publication of the book 1937. Pravosudie Stalin. Obzhalovaniiu Ne Podlezhit! by my Moscow colleague Vlaimir Bobrov and myself. This is a collection of essays, all but one previously unpublished. I don't have any copies yet. Home page at EKSMO , a major Moscow publishing house; at Labirint.ru (online Moscow bookstore); at Ozon.ru (large online Moscow bookstore); at Politkniga (publisher's bookstore);  at Eastview (main US distributor of Russian books).
NOW AT US-based Russian bookstores (cheapest and quickest here): at Biblio-Globus (Mass); at Setbook.US (Boston, MA area).

Introduction to my book Antistalinskaia podlost' - in English, Khrushchev Lied! -- translated into Vietnamese.

New edition of my book on Khrushchev's "Secret Speech" is published. New title: "Shadows of the 20th Party Congress". Moscow Books; Ozon.ru; Kniga.com in Brooklyn; the publisher's (Eksmo) page.

11.10.10 - 4th interview of me by Georgian Times: in English (PDF here); in Russian (PDF here); in Georgian (PDF only)

10.18.10 - 3rd interview of me by Georgian Times: in English; in Galician. Also here, in PDF (English).

10.11.10 - 2nd interview of me by Georgian Times: in Russian; in English; in Galician.

10.10.10 - The text of my first two interviews with Georgian Times, in Russian translation, has been put on the Internet by Mr Jugashvili. You can increase the size of this small font in your browser (at least I had to do this).

09.17.10 - Interview of me by Georgian Times (Tbilisi, Georgia). The interviewer is Jacob Jugashvili, Joseph Stalin's great-grandson! His name is at the end of the interview (as he has informed me).

07.13.10 - Interview of me by Brazilian socialist newspaper A Verdade. Muito Obrigado, Companheiros!!

07.02.10 - Arabic translation of "The Sixty-One Untruths of Nikita Khrushchev", Literaturnaia Rossiia June 13, 2008. Many thanks to Mr Yeheskel Kojaman - "shukran jazeelan!"

07.02.10 - My page on the "Katyn Massacre Affair" is updated to include the dramatic new developments since February 2010 that tend to cast doubt upon the "mainstream" anticommunist position that "the Soviets shot all the Poles." Same page mirrored here.

06.04.10 - Norwegian translation of "The Sixty-One Untruths of Nikita Khrushchev" , Literaturnaia Rossiia June 13, 2008. (for original and other languages see below). Thanks to Tjen Folket Kommunistisk Forbund!

06.01.10 - "Anatomy of a Lie: The Death of Oliver Law" published in The Volunteer, journal of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archive. This is an abbreviated version of my longer and more fully documented study published in Reconstruction vol. 8, No. 1, February 2008 and noted below.

05.11.10 - Response to Mahir Ali, "The Ghosts of Triumphs and Tragedies Past", Dawn (Pakistan). Mahir Ali is some kind of Trotskyist "cultist".. But many honest people believe the falsehoods Ali repeats, so this may be of some interest.

04.25.10 - "'Eyjafjallajökull' — It’s English (Almost)", a little essay I wrote for my students and friends. One of those friends, Joe Ramsey, posted it!

04.03.10 - "Evidence of Leon Trotsky's Collaboration with Germany and Japan." In Cultural Logic for 2009. On the evidence there's no doubt that Trotsky conspired with the Germans and Japanese as alleged during the second and third Moscow Trials of January 1937 and March 1938.

01.18.10 - Furr and Bobrov, "Bukharin's Last Plea: Yet Another Anti-Stalin Falsifiication." In this article we trace the story of a note supposedly found in Stalin's desk after his death in which Bukharin supposedly wrote: "Koba, why is my death necessary for you?"

We prove that this and a couple of related stories, which originate with Roy Medvedev, are fabrications -- in plain English, falsehoods. (For the "canonical", i.e. unquestioned and completely mendacious version of this story see, for example, Robert Service, Stalin. A Biography. Cambridge: Belknap Press 2005, p. 592. We quote this in the article itself.)

The Russian version of this article was published in February 2009 in the Russian language online history journal "Aktual'naia Istoriia" ("Current History", Home Page http://actualhistory.ru/ ). It has since been reprinted here (in Russian), on the "Stalinism.ru" webpage. In addition, the Russian editors of this online journal inserted some good graphics! All in all, a creditable job of publishing.

01.15.10 - "Baberowski's Falsification" is a short article I wrote about the dishonesty of a leading German anticommunist researcher on the Stalin period in the USSR. Joerg Baberowski is a professor at Humboldt University in Berlin publishes widely in both academic and popular media.
Falsifications like the one I point out here would get a US professor disciplined, or at least publically embarrassed -- if writing about, say, American history. But in Soviet history, "anything goes" as long as it's anticommunist. Thanks once again to Patrice Greanville, editor and publisher of Cyrano's Journal, for publishing it.
It's also available here, on my own site. Or just copy and paste www.tinyurl.com/baberowski into your browser's window!
04.24.12 - The article is still there, but the link doesn't work! I don't know why, but if you copy and paste this URL - http://www.cjournal.info/2010/01/11/baberowski's-falsification/ - into your browser window, you'd get the article. Or, just go to the version on my own Home Page (above).

Vladimir L. Bobrov, "The Secret of Ordzhonikidze's Death" (Russian). This is an excellent piece of sleuthing and research by Vladimir. My English translation is here.  The Russian version is also available here, on the Kara-Murza site.

12.21.09 - Obolgannyi Stalin, or "Stalin Slandered", is the title of a new book published on Dec. 11 '09, with contributions by three authors: IUrii Mukhin, Grover Furr ("Ferr"), and Aleksei Golenkov. Here is the book's listing at Kniga.com in Brooklyn ; at Russian Mega-Store (Rego Park, Queens, NY); at Russlovo (Rockaway Park, Queens NY); at Biblio-Globus, US (Brighton, Mass.); at Ozon.ru in Moscow ; at Moscowbooks (guess where?); at Eksmo, Moscow; at Moskovskii Dom Knigi (Moscow House of Books).

My article in The Montclarion of December 3, 2009 on cutbacks as strategy to lower real wages.

11.20.09 - "Alternative Versions of the Katyn Shooting" (Russian). This is a much more objective account than the super-anticommunist main page. There's also an older "alternative" account that was originally on the Russian Wikipedia site.. It was removed -- censored by the Russian language Wikipedia. It's more than a year old now and so out of date. I don't like censorship, so here it is.

11.10.09 - Anti-Stalin Lies in Wikipedia 'Democratic Centralism' Article; in Vitalii Ginzburg NYT Obit

10.08.09 - "Are Afghanistan and Iraq Our Vietnam?" The Montclarion October 8 2009. Also here.

09.02.09 - "Did the Soviet Union Invade Poland in September 1939?", in Cyrano's Journal Online for September 2 2009. This is an article with 20 further pages of documentation and evidence, all of which are linked on this index page. (Also directly accessible here). I read an earlier version of this paper at the summer 2009 institute of the Marxist Literary Group at Portland State University. Many thanks to Cyrano's editors!

(NOTE: This article is more complete than my older (2007-2008) article "Sense and Nonsense About the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact of 1939", so I have removed the link to this older article.]

05.09.09 - "HISTORY REVISITED: The truth about the death of Oliver Law", in Cyrano's Journal Online for May 9 2009.
This is a reprint of my article "Anatomy of an Anticommunist Fabrication: The Death of Oliver Law, An Historiographical Investigation" (originally published in reconstruction 8:1 in March '08 -- see below). Thanks to the editors for the very supportive introductory and other remarks!

05.09.09 - Tomsk State Pedagogical University has put my book on its list of "Supplementary Readings" for its degree candidates in Russian History! There are five "required" readings, all textbooks. Of the 53 "supplementary readings" there are only five by non-Russians: three by Italians and two by Americans, of which I'm one.

04.08.09 - "Anti-Stalinist Villany" Praised In Book By Russian Historian. Russian historian IUrii Emel'ianov has devoted a nice paragraph in his recent book to my own book. The Russian original and the English translation are both here.

03.12.09 - A reader on a Russian blog praises my book very highly! Thanks, Mr. Mikhail Khas'minskii.

  A very positive review of my book on a Russian-language history blog! Thanks to "aberrationist" for this incisive, critical, and supportive review. Spasibo, 'Aberrationist'!

Refutation of yet another anticommunist lie by Ludwik Kowalski. A retired physicist, Kowalski knows fluent Russian but chooses to repeat any anti-Stalin lies he finds rather than do any research, though he knows very well how to do it.

"Mikhail Kol'tsov and the Evidence". A post to the ALBA (Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives) list of November 5, 2008. An anticommunist reviewer at The Economist shows no interest in the evidence or the truth.

Furr and Bobrov, "Nikolai Bukharin's First Statement of Confession in the Lubianka" in English translation, in the 2007 issue of Cultural Logic. This is an excellent issue of an important American Marxist journal and we're proud to be in it. (See below for the Russian original published in March '07.)

Somebody created a Wikipedia page on me. That's wikipedia.ru, the Russian version. They got a few things wrong, so I made the corrections.
(My thanks to my Moscow colleague and fellow researcher Vladimir L. Bobrov, who informed me 06.30.08). Wikipedia.ru uses Cyrillic letters in the filename part of the URL. If you can't get to this page, let me know and I'll correct it.

"The Sixty-One Untruths of Nikita Khrushchev" -- Interview of me by Literaturnaia Rossiia, issue No. 24 for June 13, 2008. Also available here (PDF) 

This is a weekly writers' publication. It used to be put out by the Moscow branch of the Soviet Writers' Union, and is now independent. According to its own webpage, it has a print circulation of 19,650. Let's hope every one of them buys a copy of my book! Many, many thanks to my wonderful colleague Vladimir L. Bobrov of Moscow for arranging this!

Russian translation of my 1988 article "New Light On Old Stories About Marshal Tukhachevskii: Some Documents Reconsidered" by my colleague Vladimir L. Bobrov.

Two references to Vladimir Bobrov's and my "Lichnye pokazaniia N. Bukharina." Klio (St. Petersburg), No. 1 (2007) here and here.

"Some Remarks On Yet Another Anticommunist Article Concerning Communist Solidarity With The Spanish Republic In The Spanish Civil War." My brief outline of the "Stalin problem" in studies of the Spanish Civil War. First posted to the H-HOAC list on April 7 '08.

A very positive Review of my book Antistalinskaia Podlost' by historian Sergei Semanov in the journal Russkii Vestnik March 13, 2008. (Echoed at my publisher's website here). And here's another version of the same review, a bit longer, by Semanov in the journal Slovo of April 4 2008.

Semanov is a prolific historian born in 1934, journal editor, has worked with the Institute of History of the Academy of Sciences (Soviet), now associated with the Institue of World Literature of the Russian Academy of Sciences. A list of more than a dozen of his works of history now in print is available here, at the site of Ozon.ru, a major Russian online bookstore.

"Anatomy of an Anticommunist Fabrication: The Death of Oliver Law, An Historiographical Investigation." In Reconstruction 8.1. (Published March 19, 2008.)

Oliver Law was, for four days in July 1937, commander of the Lincoln Battalion and the first black man to command white American troops. He died as a hero in battle, shot while leading a charge against the fascist forces on July 9, 1937. The essay examines how the late William Herrick fabricated a false story -- really, a couple of them -- about the death of Oliver Law, and how others, especially Cecil Eby, have abetted the falsification. It is a case study in historical falsification for anticommunist purposes.

Review of Cecil Eby, Comrades and Commissars. The Lincoln Battalion in the Spanish Civil War. Published in The Volunteer. Journal of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade. Vol.XXIV, No. 4 (December 2007), p. 19. Also in HTML here.

Home page for my book, Antistalinskaia Podlost' -- roughly, "Anti-Stalinist Villany" --  published by "Algoritm" publishers in Moscow, in Russian.

The publisher insisted on the title, which echoes that of a book published a few years back that sold very well. The English title -- mine --  is:
"Khrushchev Lied: The Evidence That Every "Revelation" of Stalin's (and Beria's) "Crimes" in Nikita Khrushchev's Infamous "Secret Speech" to the 20th Party Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union on February 25, 1956, is Provably False. *
There's a link at the bottom of the page for interested readers to download an analytical chapter omitted from the published version. Or, just go here.

05.11.08 - My book now scanned and PDF'd on the web.
I don't know who did it! But it must be a compliment. And, it has the potential to spread the book more widely, so Spasibo, tovarishch, whoever you are. In ZIP format.

04.16.08 - The final chapter from the book, put on the web by the publisher (PDF format, in Russian - for HTML, see a few lines above).

Humble thanks to my colleague, editor and translator Vladimir Bobrov of Moscow, without whom I would never have undertaken, much less completed, this job!

(* Except one minor one, which I can neither verify nor disprove.)

  Page from Russian reader's blog of Feb. 18, 2008, praising my book. Mr Pokrovsky says he emailed me to thank me, and he did! A fine guy -- thanks, Mr. Pokrovsky!

07.15.2008 - A fine recommendation for my book in an article by Leonid Zhura in IUrii Mukhin's journal Duel':

"One does not require archival research in order to refute the slanders of the illiterate Khrushchev at the 20th Party Congress concerning the supposed 'cult of personality of Stalin' and 'unfounded repressions' ... Grover Furr, in his book 'Antistalinskaia Podlost'', has exposed this personage especially well."

05.17.2008 -   A nice compliment for my book on a Russian discussion blog:

"Slava, did you get the book by Grover Furr, "Antistalinskaia podlost'"?
Yes, Lionia. It's a good book... I did not expect that from a foreign author."

January 10 2008: Accuracy in Academia names me "Scholar of the Year"!
What they really mean is "worst scholar of the year." But what that means is: They disagree with me. Yes, "conservatives" do not care about the truth. They only care whether you "promote their 'party line'".
Though conservatives attack Postmodernists for denying objective reality, the conservatives themselves pretend it doesn't exist. Of course -- because reality is very different from what they say it is! So I really am honored they think me the "worst". (Also here, as a PDF file).

Horowitz-Stalin Controversy, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review March - May 2006.
David Horowitz isn't interested in the truth, and neither are his defenders. This exchange in Richard Mellon Scaife's conservative newspaper demonstrates this. (For more detail about how this happened, see "Academic Repression in the First Person", also linked below).

Furr and Bobrov, "Pervye priznatel'nye pokazaniia N.I. Bukharina na Lubianke." Klio No. 1 (2007). Introductory article to our publication of Nikolai Bukharin's previously unpublished confession of June 2, 1937.

Furr and Bobrov, eds. "Lichnye pokazaniia N. Bukharina." Klio (St. Petersburg), No. 1 (2007). Nikolai Bukharin's first confession, of June 2, 1937. Never before published and still unavailable to scholars in Russia.

Remarks on the Moscow Trials, on Evidence, and Objectivity. I wrote this in June 2006 to answer inaccurate criticisms by a young radical who has, however, been influenced by Cold War anticommunist falsehoods. Since we have all been so influenced, to one degree or another, I think it may be useful to others.

Interview of me by Carl Miller, plus a few other things of mine (I think...) translated into Japanese! (English interview also here, at this Spanish site).

Exchange on the Katyn Massacre evidence. Mr. Sergey Romanov put our email exchange online despite the fact I refused to give him permission to do so. Well, there it is! So I will make the best of it and put a link here. Maybe Romanov is right, and the exchange "makes me look bad"? You be the judge!

"Did George Washington Turn Down An Offer To Be A King? The Story Behind the Myth." A student in one of my classes mentioned this story. I told her I'd never verified it, and set out to do so. Here's the result (March 2007)

A Masters Thesis in History by one Jason Foster, accepted at Texas Tech U. in August 2006, contains lies about an essay of mine on the Vietnam War. Here is my reply: "A Critique of Jason Everitt Foster's Thoroughly Dishonest Comments on an Essay by Grover Furr." (February 2007)

The Editors of the CUNY Graduate Center Advocate invited me to write an article on Academic Freedom and David Horowitz's stupid attack on me and others. I wrote  "Academic Repression in the First Person: Lies, Damn Lies, and David Horowitz" for their November 2006 issue. Thanks, people! (Here in PDF)

"Stalin and Support for the Spanish Republic." Letter to The Volunteer, March 2005, with response by Prof. Gabriel Jackson.

"Communism and Anti-Semitism -- A Rejoinder." This email of mine to several mailing lists was reprinted by Revolutionary Democracy, a communist journal in India, and in part in Challenge and Desafio (August 16, 2006) of the Progressive Labor Party (USA).

A young man named "Celticfire" did an email-interview with me in June 2006, and posted it in two parts on his fine Maoist blog Celticfire. Here are the links to this interview. Part I at the top of the page, and Part II about half-way down. My thanks to you, Celticfire! (Also available here, in PDF; and here, at the original blog's archive).

A short essay of mine about my research on Stalin is in an Interview on Carl Miller's blog, "Reason In Revolt Now Thunders,"  May 12 2006. My thanks to Mr. Miller for giving me this opportunity to state things as I seen them! (Look down the page for "Interview with Grover Furr," May 12). Also here; and here, at a Spanish site.

(Un)critical Reading and the Discourse of Anti-communism. Published February 2006 in The Red Critique, No.11

Stalin and the Struggle for Democratic Reform, Parts I and II together, published in Galician at "Estoutras Notas Politicas". They even gave my articles their own URL -- "http://stalinreforma.blogspot.com/! Molto Obrigado!

Stalin and the Struggle for Democratic Reform: Part Two. Published December 2005 in Cultural Logic.

Stalin and the Struggle for Democratic Reform: Part One. Published April 2005 in Cultural Logic.

Horowitz's Lies About Me. Some of my friends asked me to detail Horowitz's specific lies about me in his book, so I've done so briefly here.

Il'ya Erenburg, "Answer to a Letter", in Russian original and English translation, transcribed and with an introduction by Grover Furr (PDF).
Originally published in Pravda, September 21 1948, this is the famous Soviet Jewish writer's criticism of Zionism. I have written an introduction, transcribed the Russian text from the original in Pravda, and also provide an English translation from the American Communist magazine Jewish Life, June 1949, pp. 25-27.

April 26, 2004: What Can We Learn from the Teens? Protest, Rebellion, Commitment: Then and Now, published in Counterpunch today. I wrote this paper for, and delivered it at, a panel at the 2003 MLA Convention sponsored by the Radical Caucus of the MLA. Counterpunch did not publish the notes and bibliography, so here they are.

November 10, 2001: An article of mine on the criminal war against Afghanistan from the student newspaper, The Montclarion. Also in Counterpunch, the on-line muckraking journal.
               - 1/17/02: Now also translated into Greek here (!) ; also (03.24.06) at this Greek site. (originally at

I hope these pages will be useful to students and all others who have an interest in the topics on which I've collected information.

There will ultimately be five separate pages of links and information. You'll be able to reach them by jumping from the table at the end of this short page.

Medieval Literature and History
Research and Documentation
Politics and Social Issues
The Vietnam War

Please check out my Page of Fine Undergraduate Papers. They are a model of what undergraduate students can achieve, and are excellent sources of research in their own right!

Here are links to some of my own articles:

"Useful and Little-Known Applications of Adobe Acrobat 5.0", Edtexpo Annual Conference 2003, Montclair State University, September 2003.

"From "Paperless Classroom" to "Deep Reading": Five Stages in Internet Pedagogy", in Technology Source, September-October 2003.   Also available here, in PDF format.

  “Fraudulent Anti-Communist Scholarship From A "Respectable" Conservative Source: Prof. Paul Johnson.” Published 2004.

"Anatomy of a Fraudulent Scholarly Work: Ronald Radosh's Spain Betrayed", in Cultural Logic, 2003.

Two short film reviews from Cineaste magazine: of "Unfinished Symphony" (Fall 2001) and "Jung: In the Land of the Mujaheddin" (Winter 2001).

"The Educational Applications of Streaming Audio: Accessible, Do-It-Yourself Multimedia", from the January-February 2001 issue of Technology Source. Go here for the tutorial (also linked within the article itself). Also available here, in PDF format.

"Vietnam to Yugoslavia: What I Learned," from The Montclarion (Montclair State Univ. student weekly newspaper),  Thursday, April 15, 1999, p. 14. Reprinted here by 'Open Copy.'

Review of Hugo Keiper, Christoph Bode, and Richard J. Utz, eds. Nominalism and Literary Discourse: New Perspectives. Series: Critical Studies, Vol. 10. Amsterdam/Atlanta, Georgia: Rodopi B.V., 1997, in The Medieval Review (TMR), April 6 1999.

Review of Herbert Eiden, "In der Knechtschaft werdet ihr verharren ...": Ursachen und Verlauf des englischen Bauernaufstandes von 1381. Trier: Trierer Historische Forschungen, Vol. 32, 1995, in Prolepsis: The Tübingen Review of English Studies (on-line journal), October 1998.

"Using History to Fight Anti-Communism" -- A review of Robert W. Thurston, Life and Terror in Stalin's Russia, 1934-1941. (London and New Haven: Yale University Press, 1996, in Cultural Logic (on-line journal), vol. 1, No: 2 (Summer, 1998).

"Corporate Ideology and Literary Criticism: How the New Right Pushes the Ideology of Exploitation in the Field of Literary Studies and What To Do About It" (1997), in NST: Nature, Society, and Thought Vol. 9, No. 3 (1998), 311-325.

"The Fallacies of Afrocentrism". Reprinted in The Liberator magazine, 2007.

"Nominalism in the Nun's Priest's Tale: A Preliminary Study". . Originally published in Richard J. Utz, ed. Literary Nominalism and the Theory of Rereading Late Medieval Texts: A New Research Paradigm. Medieval Studies: Volume 5. The Edwin Mellen Press, 1995, 135-146.

"Separatist Movement Shows Nationalism = Fascism, (originally composed Nov. 1995). Reprinted here by 'OpenCopy.'

"Welcome the Rebellion!" About the Los Angeles 'Rodney King' rebellion, Canadian Dimension 26 n. 5, July-August 1992

"New Light On Old Stories About Marshal Tukhachevskii: Some Documents Reconsidered" . And here is a PDF facsimile of that article, as it originally appeared in Russian History/Histoire Russe of 1986 (actually published in 1988).

"France vs. Italy: French Literary Nationalism in 'Petrarch's Last Controversy' and a Humanist Literary Debate of ca. 1395"

"Jhesu Nichil Est Commune Ligurgo: A French Humanist Debate of ca. 1405"

Review of Thomas G. Butson, The Tsar's Lieutenant: The Soviet Marshal (New York: Praeger, 1984).

"A Lethal Form of Lying: Notes on Anti-Semitism and Cold War Scholarship," from Comment, Vol. 3, Nos. 3-4 (Spring 1984), 24-29. (PDF file)

"The Politics Behind the Shooting of the Pope", from Comment, Vol. 2, No. 1 (1983), 15-18.

" The AFT, the CIA, and Solidarnosc," from Comment, Vol. 1, No. 2 (1982), 31-34.

My 1979 Ph.D. dissertation, The Quarrel of the Roman de la Rose and Fourteenth Century Humanism, is now on the web.

I hope you find them useful. Please click here to send me comments.

Also check out Workplace: the journal for academic labor. Excellent, hard-hitting articles by members of the Grad Student Caucus of the MLA; by other graduate student scholar-activists; and by academic activists.

... and HERE are links to a few verses I have always liked;

"I Paint What I See", by E.B. White.
"Apolitical Intellectuals", by Otto René Castillo.
"The Cremation of Sam McGee", by Robert W. Service.
"The Shooting of Dan McGrew", by Robert W. Service.
"The Ballad of Yukon Jake", by Edward H. Paramore, Jr.
"The Little Red God," author unknown.
"Evolution", by Langdon Smith.
"The Montreal Tramway Song", by Wade Hemsworth.
"The Squid-Jiggin' Ground", by Art Scammell.

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Vietnam War

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