Phillip LeBel

Fulbright Senior Fellow

Faculty of Business and Economics

Addis Ababa University

Spring 2009

This file contains documents pertaining to a Fulbright Senior Fellowship grant to teach and conduct research in Ethiopia during the spring of 2009. Listed below are profiles of the courses I taught, followed by links to a series of public lectures I delivered to various institutions in Ethiopia. Finally, there is a list of five commentaries produced at various points during our stay in Ethiopia. For anyone interested in learning first hand about a country such as Ethiopia I can not recommend more strongly a Fulbright grant to realize your expectations and the rewards that follow. A summary of my Fulbright experience can be found at:

Graduate Students at Addis Ababa University

Publications on Ethiopia

1. Phillip LeBel (1974) "Oral Traditions and Chronicles on Gurage Immigration," Journal of Ethiopian Studies, XII: 2, 95-106.
2. Phillip LeBel (1969) "On Gurage Architecture", Journal of Ethiopian Studies, VII:1, 21-30.


A Few Images of Ethiopia

Lion of Judah Statue, Addis Ababa, February 2009

Ethiopia Blue Nile Falls, Bahir Dar, May 2009

Palace of Emperor Fasilides, Gondar, Ethiopia, ca. 1632

St. George Church, Lalibela (Roha), Ethiopia, ca. 1275

Axum Obelisk, Ethiopia, ca. 100-300

Family Coffee Ceremony in Addis Ababa

With two former Emdeber students, Addis Ababa, spring 2009

With Emdeber landlady from 40 years ago, February 2009

With family of former Emdeber student and wife, Addis Ababa, spring 209

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