Useful Economic Data Sources

Quentin Metsys (1465-1530) - The Banker and His Wife, ca. 1514

U.S. Data Sources

 U.S. Federal Government Agencies

 Economic Report of the President

 Federal Reserve Banks

U.S. White House Economic Statistics Briefing Room

 Financial Markets

 U.S. Department of Commerce-BEA

 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

 U.S. Census Bureau

U.S. Energy Information Administration 

 U.S. International Trade Administraton 

 Social Science Data on the Net

 County and City Data Books

 Economic Time Series

 Stat USA

 Panel Study of Income Dynamics

 Statistical Resources on the Web/Economics

 U.S. Antitrust Statutes

 Mergers and Acquisitions

 Competitive Markets

 Statistical Abstract
 UCalSD Social Sciences Data

 Antitrust Policy

 U.S. Dept. of Agriculture

 Industry Profile Sites

 National Center for Health Statistics

  Crime Statistics
  Financial Forecast Center  

 International Data


International Monetary Fund 

The World Bank


  Food and Agricultural Organization

  International Energy Agency

 Commonwealth of Independent States

 UN Economic Commission for Europe

United Nations Development Programme

 World Health Organization


 United Nations Industrial Development Organization

 UN Economic Commission for Africa

 UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean

 United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific

 UN Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia

 International Trade Centre UNCTAD/World Trade Organisation

 International Labour Organization

 Bank for International Settlements

 United Nations Statistics Division

 CIA World Factbook



 Economic and General News Sources
 Daily and Weekly Publications
The Wall Street Journal (U.S.) The Financial Times (U.K.)
The Economist (U.K.) Business Week (U.S.)
The New York Times (U.S.) U.S. News and World Report (U.S.)
Le Monde (France) Le Figaro (France)
Frankfurter Algemeine Zeitung (Deutschland) Die Welt (Deutschland)
Asahi Shimbun (Japan) La Stampa (Italia)
The Toronto Globe and Mail (Canada) El Pais (Espagna)
China Daily (China) The Economic Times (India)
St. Petersburg Times (Russia) Moscow Times (Russia)
Hong Kong Standard (China) The Straits Times (Singapore)
The Sidney Morning Herald (Australia) The Korea Times (S. Korea)
Novedades (Mexico) El Tribuno (Argentina)
O Estado de Sao Paolo (Brasil) Estrategia (Chile)
Africa News Online (U.S.) Panafrican News Agency (Senegal)
E&P Media Info Links Ecola's Newsstand
Taxi's Newsstand Yahoo! News and Media Directory
 Television and Radio Sources
 CNBC Business (U.S.)  CNN Financial (U.S.) (U.S.)  CNN Interactive (U.S.)
 ABC News (U.S.)  PBS Online (U.S.)
 MSNBC News (U.S.)  CBC Online (Canada)
 CBS News (U.S.)  BBC News (U.K.)

 Country Statistical Data Sources

 Country Watch
  Algeria   Argentina   Aruba
  Australia   Austria   Azerbaijan
  Bahamas (n/a)   Bahrain   Bangladesh
  Barbados   Belgium   Belize (n/a)
  Bhutan (n/a)   Bolivia   Botswana (n/a)
  Brazil   Bulgaria   Burundi (n/a)
  Cameroun (n/a)   Canada   Ctrl .African Rep. (n/a)
  Chad (n/a)   Chile   China
  Colombia   Congo Brazzaville (n/a)   Congo Kinshasa (n/a)
  Cook Islands (n/a)   Costa Rica   Croatia
  Cyprus   Czech Republic   Denmark
  Dominican Republic   Ecuador   Egypt (n/a)
  El Salvador   Estonia   Ethiopia
  Faroe Islands   Fiji (n/a)   Finland
  France   French Polynesia (n/a)   The Gambia (n/a)
  Ghana (n/a)   Germany   Greece
  Greenland   Guatemala   Guyana (n/a)
  Haiti (n/a)   Honduras (n/a)   Hong Kong
  Hungary   Iceland   India
  Indonesia   Ireland   Iran (n/a)
  Iraq (n/a)   Israel   Italy Italy(2)
  Jamaica   Japan   Jordan
  Kazakhstan   Kenya   Kyrgyzstan
  North Korea (n/a)   South Korea   Kuwait
  Latvia   Lebanon   Libya (n/a)
  Lithuania   Luxembourg   Macau
  Madagascar (n/a)   Malawi (n/a)   Malaysia
  Malta   Mauritania (n/a)   Mauritius
  Mexico   Moldova   Mongolia
  Morocco   Mozambique   Myanmar (n/a)
  Namibia (n/a)   Nepal (n/a)   Netherlands
  New Caledonia (n/a)   New Zealand   Norway
  Oman   Pakistan (n/a)   Palestinian Authority
  Papua New Guinea (n/a)   Peru   Philippines
  Poland   Portugal   Réunion (n/a)
  Romania   Russian Federation   Saint Lucia
  Senegal (n/a)   Sierra Leone (n/a)   Singapore
  Slovakia   Slovenia   South Africa
  Spain   Sri Lanka   Sweden
  Switzerland   Syria (n/a)   Thailand
  Macedonia (n/a)   Togo (n/a)   Trinidad and Tobago
Tunisia (n/a)   Turkey   Uganda (n/a)
  Ukraine (n/a)   United Kingdom U.K.(2)   United States
  Uruguay   Uzbekistan   Vanuatu (n/a)
  Venezuela   Yugoslavia   Zambia (n/a)
  Zimbabwe (n/a)    

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