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photo of Ashwin Vaidya Ashwin Vaidya

Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematical Sciences
MOntclair State University

Contact Information

Office: 245 Richardson Hall
Department of Mathematics
Phone: 973-655-2139


Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, University of Pittsburgh, 2004.
M.S., Mathematics & Physics, University of Pittsburgh, 1998, 1999.
B.Phil., Physics, Astronomy and Mathematics, Honors College, University of Pittsburgh, 1995.

Research Interests

My research interest lies in the area of Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Fluid Mechanics, Non-Linear Partial Differential Equations, Hydrodynamic Stability, Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics, Fluid-Structure Interaction, Experimental Fluid Mechanics and Philosophy of Science. For my doctoral thesis, I worked on problems concerning the steady state behavior of rigid bodies sedimenting in Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids. I am, in general, interested in problems concerning fluid structure interactions and non-Newtonian fluid flow and their implications in as diverse fields as geophysics, environmental fluid mechanics and biofluid mechanics.

Some Recent Publications

1. G.P.Galdi & A. Vaidya, Translational fall of symmetric bodies in a Navier-Stokes liquid with applications to particle sedimentation, Journal of Mathematical Fluid Mechanics, 3, 183-211, 2001.

2. G.P.Galdi, A.Vaidya, M. Pokorny, D.D.Joseph & J.Feng, Orientation of symmetric bodies falling in a second-order fluid at low Reynolds numbers, Mathematics Models and Methods in Applied Sciences, 12, 1653-1690, 2002.

3. A. Vaidya, Existence of Steady Freefall of Rigid Bodies in a Second order fluid with Applications to Particle Sedimentation, Nonlinear Analysis: Series B, in press, 2005.

4. A. Vaidya and R. Wulandana, Nonlinear Stability for convection with quadratic temperature dependent viscosity, Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences, in press, 2006.

5. R.Camassa, R.McLaughlin,M.Moore and A.Vaidya Brachistochrone Paths in Potential and Stokes Flow Past a Sphere , accepted for publication in Physics Letters A, 2008.