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Items not available in English
Bretex, Jacques, fl. 1285. Le tournoi de Chauvency;
edition complete par Maurice Delbouille; avec 11 planches hors texte. Liege, Imp. H. Vaillant- Carmanne, s. a.; Paris, E. Droz, 1932.

Nicolas, N.H. "Observations on the Institution of the Most Noble Order of the Garter,"
Archaeologia. xxxi (1846), pp.1-163.
For those who can read Latin this is a collection of the documents which created the Order.

ed. Brault, Gerard J. "The Siege of Caerlaverock,"
Eight thirteenth-Century Rolls of Arms in French and Anglo-Norman Blazon.
Penn State University Press, 1973. pp. 101-125.
A poem about the siege listing many of the major participants, their deeds, and their arms. In either Old French, or Anglo-Norman.
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Oakeshott, R. Ewart. The Archaeology of Weapons : Arms and Armour from Prehistory to the Age of Chivalry.
Dover Pubns, October 1, 1996.
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