RECAP                                                    Research for Effective Child Anxiety Prevention All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make, the better.

Last Updated 11/6/18

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RECAP is a research program at Montclair State University devoted to empirical study of the development and early intervention of anxiety disorders across childhood and adolescence.

Below are answers to some key questions about our research program:

Welcome to RECAP!

What? At RECAP, we focus on two complementary areas of research:

  1. Developmental psychopathology of anxiety and depression. More specifically, we examine the interplay of temperament and emotion regulation with various environmental factors in a child’s life (e.g. parenting behaviors, life events) to understand why some children develop internalizing problems and others don’t.
  2. Early interventions for anxiety disorders, with a particular focus on school mental health and dissemination issues. That is, a) how do we most effectively deliver interventions in school settings where we can reach the most children and b) how do we sustain it?

Who? RECAP is led by Dr. Jeremy Fox and a team of bright, motivated graduate and undergraduate students at Montclair State University. Please click here for more information about our staff. Please click here for information about joining our staff.

Why? Consistent evidence shows that anxiety disorders are prevalent, start early, and largely remain unidentified and untreated.  If we better understand developmental pathways to anxiety, we can work to intervene earlier before children experience significant distress. Moreover, while there are a multitude of evidence-based treatments for anxiety disorders, few are reaching the children who need them, particularly those in low-income, ethnic minority households.  

Where? RECAP is housed in the Department of Psychology at Montclair State University. Our lab space is located in Dickson Hall, and we also utilize space at the Center for Clinical Services.