Dr. Richard W. Franke -- Professor Emeritus of Anthropology

MSU Full Time Faculty 1972 2009


e-mail: franker@mail.montclair.edu

Ph. D. Harvard University 1972

Research and Teaching Interests

1. Kerala, India

4. Improving Student Learning Skills

2. Sahel, Africa

5. Anthropology and Sustainability Studies

3. Indonesia, East Timor, Southeast Asia

6. Ecovillage at Ithaca: Creating a Sustainable Culture

3a. Older Published Articles

7. My Recent Writings on Racism and on Sustainability

My two page vita

Course Taught Spring 2020 Taught ONLINE ONLY

         ANTH 140: Nonwestern Contributions to the Western World 

Other Courses taught:

         GENED 303: Globalization and Sustainability Taught with Dr. Barbara H. Chasin, Sociology

o     Globalization and Sustainability Links

         ANTH 230: The Anthropology of Conflict and Violence

         ANTH 400: Methods in Anthropological Research and Practice

         ANTH 510: Ethnology

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