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Franke, Richard W. and Barbara H. Chasin. 2013. Cooperatives and Capitalism: Selected International Comparisons. Paper presented at the International Conference on Cooperatives in Transition in the Era of Globalization. Organized by the Uralungal Labour Contract Co-operative Society Ltd. and Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. 18-20 September. Kozhikode.


Franke, Richard W. 2008. Local Planning: The Kerala Experiment. Paper presented at the Left Forum. Cooper Union: New York. 15 March 2008. Published in Spannos, Chris. 2008. Real Utopia: Participatory Society for the 21st Century. Oakland, CA: AK Press. Pages 130135.

Video Version of the Presentation at the Left Forum:


IN SPANISH: The Kerala Experiment in Democratic Decentralization:An Overview for Bolivarian Activist. EL EXPERIMENTO DE DESCENTRALIZACIÓN DEMOCRÁTICA EN KERALA: UN PERSPECTIVA GENERAL PARA LOS ACTIVISTAS BOLIVARIAN. Presented in Caracas, 7 July, 2007.


Elamon, Joy, Richard W. Franke and B. Ekbal. 2004. Decentralization of Health Services: The Kerala Peoples Campaign. International Journal of Health Services 34(3):681708. September 2004.


The Mararikulam Experiment: Women-Owned Cooperatives in Kerala -- A People's Alternative to Corporate Dominated Globalization. GEO (Grassroots Economic Organizing Newsletter) 57:811. March 2003.


Democratic Decentralization: The Kerala Experience in International Perspective. Presented at the Seminar "A Decade after the 73rd and 74th Constitutional Amendments." AKG Centre for Research and Studies, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, 18- 19 May 2002

The Mararikulam Experiment: An International Perspective. Paper presented at the Seminar on Decentralization, Social Security, and Sustainable Development. St. Michael’s College, Chertala, Alappuzha, Kerala, Closing Plenary Session, 13 May, 2002


Fueling Economic Growth Through Democratic Participation: Three Lessons from Kerala, India. Chautauqua Institution Lecture Series, Week Seven. 10 August 2001. Listen to the Audio Version in the Chautauqua Great Lectures Series.


The Kerala Decentralisation Experiment: Achievements, Origins, Implications. Presented at the International Conference on Democratic Decentralisation. 23-28 May 2000. Kerala University. Thiruvananthapuram. Sponsored by the Kerala State Planning Board.

Lessons in Democracy from Kerala State, India, the Presidential Invited Lecture for University Day, 25 March 1999, Montclair State University.

Kerala: A Valid Alternative to the New World Order. (Reply to Joseph Tharamangalam) Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars 30(3):25-28. July-September 1998. With Barbara H. Chasin.


Power to the (Malayalee) People: Kerala's 9th Plan -- People's Plan Campaign for Local Democracy. With Barbara H. Chasin.  Also published in: Economic and Political Weekly 32(48):3061-68. November 29-December 5 1997 and Z Magazine 11(2):16-20. February 1998.

Thomas Isaac, T. M., Richard W. Franke, and M. P. Parameswaran. 1997. From anti-feudalism to sustainable development: the Kerala People's Science Movement. Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars 29(3):34-44.

Democracy at Work in an Indian Industrial Cooperative: the Story of Kerala Dinesh Beedi. Presented at the 1997 Socialist Scholars Conference: Radical Alternatives on the Eve of the Millennium. Borough of Manhattan Community College. 30 March 1997.

Is the Kerala Model Sustainable? Lessons From the Past -- Prospects for the Future. Presented at the International Conference on Kerala's Development Experience: National and Global Dimensions. Sponsored by the Institute of Social Sciences, 9-11 December, 1996. With Barbara H. Chasin. The link here is to the revised and updated version of the paper that appears in Parayil, Govindan. 2000. Kerala: The Development Experience: Reflections on Sustainability and Replicability. London and New York: Zed Books. Pages 16-39.

Female-Headed Households: A Continuing Agenda for the Kerala Model? Presented at the Symposium on Women in Kerala: Past and Present. Government College for Women. Thiruvananthapuram. 11-12 February 1995. Published in Economic and Political Weekly 31(10):625-630 (March 9, 1996). With Barbara H. Chasin.

Kerala State: A Social Justice Model . With Barbara H. Chasin. Click on the title to go to the Web Site of Multinational Monitor 16(7-8):16-19, July/August 1995 where this article is posted.

The Relevance of the Kerala Model in the Present World Situation. Presented at the First International Congress on Kerala Studies, Thiruvananthapuram, 27 August 1994. With Barbara H. Chasin.

Is There a Kerala Model? Presented at the World Malayalee Conference, Somerset, New Jersey, 3 July 1995.

Report on the First International Congress of Kerala Studies. A summary of the conference that took place at the AKG Centre and Kerala University in Thiruvananthapuram 27-29 August 1994. Published in the Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars 26(3):72-73. With Barbara H. Chasin.

Feeding Programmes and Food Intake in a Kerala Village. Economic and Political Weekly 28(8-9):355-60. February 20-27, 1993.

Land Reform Versus Inequality in Nadur Village, Kerala. Journal of Anthropological Research 48(2):81-116. Summer 1992.

One Hundred Million Women are Missing. Exchange with Amartya Sen in the New York Review of Books. 24 October 1991.

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