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 Welcome to the Classroom Case Studies page. Each case study below is an Excel 97/98-5.0/95 spreadhseet file than can be downloaded automatically to your computer with either Microsoft Office 2007, 2004, or 98 (for Macintosh computers) or at least Windows 3.1 (for PC's). Each module contains a sample exercise, an automatic solution tableau, and a reset control panel. Course syllabi, which can be downloaded as Microsoft Word documents, contain automatic links to these case studies and related modules found elsewhere in this website. These tools should make learning as smooth as pouring milk from a pitcher.

 Microeconomic Case Studies

1. Trade Production Possibility

2. Basic Supply and Demand

3. Own Price Elasticity of Demand

4. Engel Curve Income Elasticity of Demand

5. Economics of Excise Taxes

6. Trade and Tariff Economics V.1

7. Variable Inputs in Production

8. Production and Cost Functions

9. Basic Economic Efficiency

10. Basic Market Dynamics

11. Pure Monopoly

12. Competition versus Monopoly

13. Monopolistic Competition

14. Income Distribution

Macroeconomic Case Studies

1. Trade Production Possibility

2. Basic Supply and Demand

3. Economics of Excise Taxes

4. Trade and Tariff Economics

5. U.S. National Income Accounting

6. U.S. Nominal and Real GDP

7. The Basic Harrod Domar Model

8. Loanable Funds Equilibrium

9. The Equation of Exchange

10. Macroeconomic Equilibrium

11. The Money Multiplier Model

12. The IS-LM Model

13. Income Distribution

Supplementary Case Studies

General Macro and Microeconomic Models

1. Trade and Tariff Economics V.2

2. International Trade Subsidies

3. International Trade Quotas

4. Excise Tax Cuts

5. Optimal Excise Taxation

6. Price Discrimination

7. Optimal Pricing of Exhaustible Resources

8. The Leontief Input-Output Model

9. The Harrod-Domar Growth Model V.2

Decision-Making under Risk

1. Multi-product Monopoly Model

2. The Cournot Duopoly Model

3. The Strategic Behavior Model

4. Optimal Food Stamp Pricing

5. Commodity Price Stabilization

6. Profit Maximization under Risk

7. Externalities Case Study

8. Trade and Tariff Economics V.3


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