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PSC643 - Syllabus:


UNDP Human Development Report (2006)
Kay, John (2002)
Pitfalls of Rationality
Makin, John H. (2007)
Why do Financial Firms Take Too Much Risk?
Honda, Jiro (2008)
Do IMF Programs Improve Governance?
White, Lawrence (2008)
The Growing Influence of Economics and Economists on Antitrust:  An Extended Discussion
McCormack, David (2005)
Recolonizng Africa
Faris, Steve (2007)
Starbucks vs. Ethiopia
LeBel, Phillip (2006)
Managing Risk in Africa through Institutional Reform
LeBel, Phillip (2006)
Economic Analysis
LeBel, Phillip (2005)
Economic Functions of the Public Sector
LeBel, Phillip (2003)
The Measurement of Risk
LeBel, Phillip (2000)
Geographic Composition of Global GDP
World Factbook (2002)
Ethiopia Profile
Debrun, Xavier, (2008)
Government Size and Output Volatility
Summers, Lawrence (2008)
A Strategy to Promote Successful Globalization
Kambhu, John, (2007)
Hedge Funds, Financial Intermediation, and Systemic Risk
Wang, Yan and Yudong Yao (2001)
Measuring Economic Downside Risk and Severity:  Growth at Risk
Lindsey, Brink (2003)
Grounds for Complaint?  Understanding the "Coffee Crisis
LeBel, Phillip (1998)
Understanding East Asia's Financial Crisis – Insights from Agency Theory
Leggett, Karby (2005)
China Flexes Economic Muscle Throughout Burgeoning Africa
LeBel, Phillip (2002)
Growth and Development
LeBel, Phillip (2007)
Africa Development Indicators
LeBel, Phillip (2006)
Origins of Comparative Advantage
LeBel, Phillip (2002)
Regional Patterns of International Trade
LeBel, Phillip (2003)
Economic Freedom and Corruption
LeBel, Phillip (2005)
The Misery Index
LeBel, Phillip (2008)
Economic Turbulence
LeBel, Phillip (2007)
On Economic Predictions
Gradstein, Mark, (2000)
Democracy and Income Inequality:  An Empirical Analysis
Aghion, Philippe, (2003)
Inequality and Economic Growth:  the Perspective of the New Growth Theories
LeBel, Phillip (2008, 2007)
The Role of Creative Innovation in Economic Growth: Some International Comparisons
LeBel, Phillip (2004)
Assessing the Role of Risk in Growth and Development:  Evidence from Latin American, African, and Asian Countries
LeBel, Phillip (2003)
Risk in Globalization:  A Comparative Analysis of African and Asian Countries
Atkinson, Athony B. (1987)
On the Measurement of Poverty
Bowles, Samuel S. and H. Gintis(2002)
The Inheritance of Inequality
LeBel, Phillip (2001)
The Gini Inequality Model
LeBel, Phillip (2003)
Income Distribution and Social Welfare
LeBel, Phillip (2004, 1999)
Engel Curves and the Income Elasticity of Demand
LeBel, Phillip (2003)
Income Distribution and the Marginal Utility of Income
LeBel, Phillip (2002)
Atkinson Inequality
LeBel, Phillip (2003)
Agricultural Subsidies
Bator, Francis (1958)
Anatomy of Market Failure
Acemoglu, Daron and Thierry Verdier (2000)
The Choice Between Market Failures and Corruption
Arrow, Kenneth J. (1969)
The Organization of Economic Activity:  Issues Pertinent to the Choice of Market versus Non-Market Activity
Datta-Chaudhuri, Mrinal (1990)
Market Failure and Government Failure
Duggan, John and Joanne Roberts (2002)
Implementing the Efficient Allocation of Pollution
LeBel, Phillip (1999)
Measuring Economic Sustainability in Africa
Ramsey, Frank P. (1927)
A Contribution to the Theory of Taxation
Mitra, Pradeep and Nicholas Stern (2003)
Tax Systems in Transition
LeBel, Phillip (2002)
Excise Tax Criteria
LeBel, Phillip (2003)
Optimal Excise Taxation
LeBel, Phillip (2004)
Optimal Externality Management
LeBel, Phillip (2007, 2001)
Energy Resources
LeBel, Phillip (2004)
Optimal Pricing of Exhaustible Natural Resources
LeBel, Phillip (2005)
Optimal Pricing of Biodiverse Natural Resources
LeBel, Phillip (1999)
Tracking Environmental Sustainability in Africa
Psacharopoulos, George and H.A.Patrinos (2002)
Returns to Investment in Education:  A Further Update
Tiebout, Charles (1956)
A Pure Theory of Local Expenditures
Stiglitz, Joseph (1998)
The Private Uses of Public Interests:  Incentives and Institutions
LeBel, Phillip (2005, 2002)
Optimal Pricing of Biodiverse Natural Resources for Sustainable Economic Growth
LeBel, Phillip (2000)
Optimal Internet Pricing
LeBel, Phillip (1999)
Higher Education Reform Criteria
LeBel, Phillip (1992)
Economic choices for Educational Policy in Africa
LeBel, Phillip (2001,1997)
Educational Forecasting Model
LeBel, Phillip (1999)
Education and Income
LeBel, Phillip (2005, 2001)
International Health Care
LeBel, Phillip (1999)
Pension Systems
LeBel, Phillip (2003)
HIV/AIDS Rates in Sub-Saharan Africa
Downs, Anthony (1957)
An Economic Theory of Political Action in a Democracy
Lipset, Seymour Martin (1959)
Some Social Requisites of Democracy: Economic Development and Political Legitimacy
Haber,Stephen, (2003)
If Economists Are So Smart, Why Is Africa So Poor?
Birkeland, Kathryn and Edward Prescott (2007)
On the Needed Quantity of Government Debt
LeBel, Phillip (2008)
Managing Risk in Africa Through Institutional Reform
LeBel, Phillip (2001)
The Role of Risk in the Choice of Optimal State-Market Relations
LeBel, Phillip (2001)
Political Balkanization
LeBel, Phillip (2003)
Point Voting Systems
LeBel, Phillip (2008)
Political Legitimacy
The World Bank (2001)
Global Conflicts 1946 to 2001
Fisman, Raymond and Roberta Gatti (2000)
Decentralization and Corruption:  Evidence Across Countries
Poole, William (2007)
The GSEs:  Where Do We Stand?
Krueger, Alan B. and Michael Lindahl (2001)
Education for Growth:  Why and For Whom?
LeBel, Phillip (1998)
East Asia's Economic Reforms
LeBel, Phillip (1997)
China's Economic Reforms
Thurow, Roger and Scott Kilman (2002)
U.S. Subsidies Create Cotton Glut That Hurts Foreign Cotton Farms
Swaray, Raymond B. (2002)
Volatility of Primary Commodity Prices:  Some Evidence from Agricultural Exports in Sub-Saharan Africa
Fisman, Raymond and Jacob Svensson (2000)
Are Corruption and Taxation Really Harmful to Growth?
IMF (2007)
IMF Ethiopia Statistical Annex
LeBel, Phillip (2004)
Ranking Corruption and Economic Development
IMF (2007)
IMF Primary Commodity Price Indices
Ellerman, David (2002)
Introduction to Property Theory:  The Fundamental Theorems
Kiken, Sunni and John Nellis (2002)
Privatization in Competitive Sectors:  The Record to Date
Claessens, Stijn and Luc Laeven (2001)
Financial Development, Property Rights, and Growth
Sarris, Alexander (2002)
The Demand for Commodity Insurance by Developing Country Agricultural Producers:  Theory and an Application to Cocoa in Ghana
Bate, Roger (2005)
Zimbabwe and Property Rights
Bate, Roger (2005)
Africa's Pol Pot
Abdih, Yasser, (2008)
Remittances and Institutions:  Are Remittances a Cure?
Feldstein, Martin and Elena Ranguelova (2001)
Individual Risk an an Investment-Based Social Security System
Lindbeck, Assar (1997)
The Swedish Experiment
Schlee, Edward E. (2001)
The Value of Information in Efficient Risk-Sharing Arrangements
Elias, Meseret (2008)
Ethiopia Commodity Exchange Market Officially Launched
Jenkins, Holman Jr. (2007)
Risk Manager
LeBel, Phillip (2008)
The Global Democracy Index
LeBel, Phillip (2008)
Regional Democracy Index Trends
Beck,Thorsten, (2002)
The Database of Political Institutions
Jacoby, Hanan G., (2001)
Monopoly Power and Distribution in Fragmented Markets:  The Case of Groundwater
Estache, Antonio and Eugne Kouiassi (2002)
Sector Organization, Governance, and the Inefficiency of African Water Utilities
White, Lawrence J. (2006)
The Fishery as a Watery Commons:  Lessons from the Experiences of other Public Policy Areas for U.S. Fisheries Policy
Varangis, Panos, (2002)
Agricultural Markets and Risks:  Management of the Latter, not the Former
Kremer, Michael (2000)
Hahn, Robert W. (2008)
Greenhouse Gas Auctions and Taxes:  Some Practical Considerations
Bayon, Ricardo (2002)
A Bull Market in...Making Money in Environmental Derivatives
Deininger, Klaus, (2001)
Tenure Security and Land-Related Investment:  Evidence from Ethiopia
Lomborg, Bjorn (2006)
Stern Review:  The Dodgy Numbers Behind the Latest Warming Scare
World Bank (2005)
Safe Water Access Rate Trend in Africa
World Bank (2005)
Forest area in Africa
World Bank (2005)
Drought Incidence Trends in Africa
World Bank (2005)
Africa Cereal Crop Yield Trend
BP (2007)
Crude Oil Prices
USGS (2008)
U.S. Proven Crude Oil Reserves
Stern Report 1 (2006)
Study Approach
Stern Report 2 (2006)
Impacts on Growth and Development
Stern Report 3 (2006)
Stabilization Economics
Stern Report 4 (2006)
Policy Mitigation Responses
Stern Report 5 (2006)
Policy Responses for Adaptation
Stern Report 6 (2006)
International Collective Action
Stern Report Charts (2006)
Stern Review Charts
WMO IPCC (2007)
Climate Change 2007:  Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability
Hansen, Jim (2006)
Data on Global Warming Trends
Hellman, Joel S., (2000)
Seize the State, Seize the Day:  State Capture, Corruption, and Influence in Transition
Beck, Thorsten, (2004)
Law and Finance:  Why Does Legal Origin Matter?
U.S. CBO (2005)
Corporate Income Tax Rates:  International Comparisons
Council on Foreign Relations (2006)
More than Humanitarianism:  A Strategic U.S. Approach Toward Africa:  Report of an Independent Task Force
Coase, Ronald (1937)
The Nature of the Firm
Robinson Review of Herbst, Jeffrey (2002)
State and Power in Africa
Pemberton, James (1999)
Social Security:  National Policies with International Implications
Persson, Torsten, (2000)
Comparative Politics and Public Finance
Brainard, Lael, (2003)
The Other War:  Global Poverty and the Millennium Challenge Account
Schleicher, David N. (2004)
'Politics as Markets' Reconsidered:  Economic Theory, Competitive Democracy, and Primary Ballot Access
Couglin, Cletus K. (1988)
Protectionist Trade Policies:  A Survey of Theory, Evidence and Rationale
The European Union (2003)
Restructuring the Community Framework for the Taxation of Energy Products and Electricity
McGuire, Martin C. and Mancur Olson (1996)
The Economics of Autocracy and Majority Rule:  The Invisible Hand and the Use of Force
Pauly, Mark V. (1986)
Taxation, Health Insurance, and Market Failure in the Medical Economy
Kagan, Robert (2008)
The Case for a League of Democracies
Kambhu, John, (2003
Hedge Funds, Financial Intermediation, and Systemic Risk
Collier, Paul and Anke Hoeffler (2002)
Military Expenditure:  Threats, Aid, and Arms Races
Cull, Robert, (2001)
Deposit Insurance and Financial Development
Hoekman, Bernard (2002)
Strengthening the Global Trade Architecture for Development
Alesina, Alberto and Roberto Perotti (1998)
Economic Risk and Political Risk in Fiscal Unions
Andreoni, James, (1998)
Tax Compliance
Conlisk, John (1996)
Why Bounded Rationality
Scott, Mark (2008)
Europe's Carbon-Trading Pioneers
Guha, Krishna (2008)
Fed Urged to Control Future Asset Bubbles
Congressional Budget Office (2005)
The Effects of Liberalizing World Agricultural Trade: A Survey
Beattie, Alan (2008)
Making Hay
Devarajan, Shantayanan, (2001)
Is Investment in Africa Too Low or Too High? Macro and Micro Evidence
Kaminsky, Graciela and Sergio Schmukler (2001)
Emerging Markets Instability:  Do Sovereign Ratings Affect country Risk and Stock Returns?
LeBel, Phillip (2004)
The Basic Option Pricing Model
LeBel, Phillip (2004)
Commodity Price Stabilization regimes
LeBel, Phillip (2001)
Cost Effectiveness
Matoo, Aaditya, (2002)
The Africa Growth and Opportunity Act and its Rules of Origin:  Generosity Undermined?
Beck, Thorsten and Ian Webb (2001)
Determinants of Life Insurance Consumption Across Countries
Alesina, Alberto, (1999)
Public Goods and Ethnic Divisions
Arrow, Kenneth J. (1997)
Invaluable Goods
Viscusi, W. Kip. (1997)
Alarmist Decisions with Divergent Risk Information
Humphreys, Macartan and Robert Bates (2002)
Political Institutions and Economic Policies:  Lessons from Africa
Bates, Robert H. (2005)
Political Insecurity and State Failure in Contemporary Africa
LeBel, Phillip (2002)
Efficient Portfolios
LeBel, Phillip (2003)
The Expected Default Frequency Model
LeBel, Phillip (2003)
Economic Value Added
LeBel, Phillip (2003)
The Merton Risk Premium Model
LeBel, Phillip (2003)
Value at Risk (VAR) Models
LeBel, Phillip (2002)
Working Capital Management

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